10 Ways to Remodel Your Pool This Fall

As fall settles in, you may be winding down from the activity of summer and enjoying a fair amount of freedom before the holiday season sets in. Take advantage of this light and breezy time by performing some much needed improvements at home. A particularly wise investment we recommend is remodeling your pool. Whether your pool is small, plain, worn down, or simply in need of a facelift, improving your swimming pool now ensures your yard is ready for outstanding entertainment opportunities come spring.

A custom pool builder in Buckhead can help you make a number of changes or upgrades to your home swimming pool, including these 10 ideas.

Build Seating

Give yourself and your guests lounging features that are built right into the water. Converse while seated in the shallow end of the pool or even consider building a swim-up bar for a touch of sophistication.

Add a Natural Feature

Natural-looking features like carved concrete walls—which look and feel like natural rock—give an exotic edge to any pool design in Buckhead. Pair carved concrete with water features like a slowly dripping waterfall and be sure to include ferns and other lush plant life to create an exotic scene.

Add an In-Pool Fire Pit

Can you really build a fire pit inside a swimming pool? It is completely possible with skilled craftsmanship. Some pool builders can install fire pits and dry seating that sink beneath the pool’s walls for a truly unique and eye-popping effect.

Install a Water Slide

Water slides are not only for children—adults love them too, provided they are built large enough. Slides add tremendous entertainment appeal to custom pools in Buckhead. Build a water slide into a carved concrete wall for a resort-like outdoor retreat.

Finish Your Deck

Sometimes, the number one problem with a swimming pool is its surroundings. The deck, for example, may be plain, ordinary, or built out of dull stamped concrete. Consider upgrading to black granite or flagstone, which gleam in the sunlight as much as your pool water does! Small changes like these have an amazing effect on your property’s appearance.

Discover the “Negative Edge”

Speaking of amazing effects, consider turning your ordinary swimming pool into a negative edge pool. Negative edges are slightly submerged pool walls with a water runoff on the ground below–creating the sense that the pool is floating. It is an advanced and contemporary effect that is popular in new hotels.

Build a Poolside Structure

Create a balanced and beautiful pool scene with a poolside pergola, patio, or fountain. Consider installing half walls or a decorative fence around the pool area to transform an ordinary swimming pool into a private retreat.

Remodel with Jet Black Lining

Blue tile or concrete linings are highly common in swimming pools—blue walls make the water look as clear as the Caribbean, after all. Go unique and modern with black lining instead. Don’t worry, your pool will not look like an oil spill. Instead, it will have a cool, metallic effect for a special swimming experience.

Update Your Filter System

If your pool water is always dirty or if the walls and floor are consistently grimy, there may be a serious problem with your filter. It may be expired, clogged, or even too small for your pool and the features you have added to it. Upgrade to an advanced, efficient, and thorough system that will keep your pool glittering and pristine every day.

Go Bigger

What if you love your swimming pool the way that it is? Maybe you cannot get enough of it. Why not add more of it, then? Enlarge your pool to include both lap lanes and casual, shallow sections for waders. You could also go classic with a pair of hot tubs or install a kiddie pool for young swimmers. Whatever you decide to do to improve your swimming pool, a custom pool builder in Buckhead can make your dream a reality.

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