10 Ways to Remodel Your Pool This Fall

Crystal clear water is what you expect each and every time you jump into your pool. Unfortunately, the clarity of your pool water can be easily compromised. While you may think that unbalanced chemicals are responsible for the murkiness of your pool, there could be other causes. With the help of pool companies in Atlanta, you can narrow down what is negative affecting the chemistry of your water.

Frequent Swimmers

Whether you swim laps every morning or your family dog is a frequent pool visitor, swimmers throw off the balance of your pool. Detergents, hair spray, sunscreen, and even flea treatments can cause the water to become cloudy and murky. To prevent the chemistry of your pool from being compromised each time someone takes a swim, encourage each of your swimmers to shower before jumping in. This limits the amount of chemicals interfering with the delicate balance of your water.

Rain Water

Water plus water equals more clean water, right? Unfortunately that’s not the case. While you may think that rainwater keeps you from having to refill your pool, it’s actually doing more harm than good. The chemicals that you apply to the water of your pool keep the pH level in check. Rainwater is acidic. Once it hits your pool’s water, it lowers the pH and can lead to corrosion. Water from rainstorms may also dilute the chemicals you use to purify your pool, rendering them ineffective.

Tap Water

Refilling your pool keeps the water at the perfect level for diving. But, the source of your water could be compromising it’s chemistry. Even if the water from your hose is of culinary quality, it may contain high levels of iron. This level could cause issues with pH balance of your pool. After adding more water, be sure to test your levels and make adjustments as needed.


The very reason you need your pool could also be causing problems with it’s chemistry. When the sun beats down on the water, evaporation occurs. Overtime, the chlorine and other chemicals found in the water become ineffective. It’s a careful balance because pool chlorine becomes diluted in water. But, if the water levels decrease due to evaporation, it could become tricky to keep the chemistry of your pool where it needs to be.


The cloudiness of your pool’s water could be due to dirt. While the answer seems simple, it’s true. Dust, grass clippings, leaves, and other organic matter throw off the pH balance of your pool and cause the water to become less clear. Skim the water regularly and be sure to keep the area around your pool clean.

The more you care for your water, the clearer it will be. Whether you’re just embarking on your swimming pool construction in Atlanta or you’re a long time owner, take the necessary steps to keep the chemistry of your pool’s water in check.

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