Underground PoolSwimming pools are great, and not just for diving in on those hot summer days. They also add a bit of luxury to a home and even increase property value. 2020 saw a lot of staycations, which meant people had to make their homes as comfortable and entertaining as possible.

Lesson learned? Well, it’s a new year. If you didn’t have a pool before, we recommend you build one to reap the benefits.


That’s the million-dollar question. Good news though, we’ve got just the right answer. Here’s what you need to know and do to get a perfect pool this year –

1.     Start early

With the increased demand for pools, there’s been a bit of a price increase since the supply is working to keep up with the demand. People often end up on a waiting list to get a pool. So, start as early as possible if you want your pool to be ready in time for warmer weather.

Reach out to a pool company and request a quote. Then, begin to prep your property for the new addition. Also, find out if your state requires permits and licenses before you can have a pool and get all those sorted out.

2.     Plan your pool design

There’s a ton of options here. But first, you must decide between an in-ground pool and an above ground pool. In-ground pools are aesthetically more pleasing than the above ground pools. However, they cost a lot more than above-ground pools with a price difference of about $23,200.

Seems like a lot, right? Despair not. There’s a third option – semi in-ground pools. For a quarter of the price of in-ground pools, you can get the best of both in-ground and above-ground pools.

3.     Choose your desired shape

2020 saw a few trends in pool shapes. From the classic rectangular ones to round, kidney-shaped, L-shaped, and even custom pools, you are spoiled for choice on what to do here.

4.     Landscaping

Having a pool with a great shape is a step in the right direction. However, for a pool to be perfect, you must consider more than just the pool itself. There’s a lot you could do with regards to accompanying landscaping.

From building a terrace to a raised patio and an outdoor fireplace. You could change the overall ambiance of the pool. Ever heard of palapas? They’re kind of like huge umbrellas made of thatch sticking up from the ground. Add this to your pool area for some tiki jungle vibes.

5.     A little bit of technology

It’s 2021! Add a bit of technology to your pool. Install some color-changing lights and you automatically have a fancy, high-end pool in your backyard. Features like spa jets you can turn on and off with a remote or a tablet make for the perfect pool experience. Plus, your convenience is assured.

Once all these details are sorted out, go ahead and contact the pool builders and schedule a date for your installation. Let your pool be the full package – functionality (check), aesthetics (check).


Here at Hilltop, we can help you build your dream pool! Check out our website or call us at 770-471-3889.

We have had the privilege of being awarded more than 60 Design Awards in every award category, including custom residential concrete pools, commercial concrete pools, in-ground vinyl liner pools, and major renovations. Hilltop was named one of the “Top 50 Pool Builders in the USA” by Pool and Spa News in 2013-2017. Pool builders across the United States were evaluated in several areas, including the total number of pools built, customer service, certifications, industry involvement, employee retention, as well as advertising and social media presence. Our company was also nationally recognized for customer service and social media. We were the only Georgia company on the list in 2016 and 2017!

We would consider it a privilege to design and construct your project and have you as a member of our “Hilltop Family.”