4 Benefits of Custom Gunite Pools

Summertime is the best time to enjoy a swimming pool, especially a brand-new, custom pool that is perfect your budget, property, and style tastes. In-ground concrete pools are particularly worth their value for a number of great reasons, especially if you customize it to be built of high-quality gunite. What is this construction material and what are the benefits of owning gunite pools in Woodstock?

First, you should know a bit more about this material. Gunite is a mixture of sand, dry cement, and water that is applied via a pressure hose to form the walls and floor of a swimming pool, also called the pool lining. When you design custom pools, you have the option to select your pool lining material when you make other important choices, like the shape and color of the swimming pool. These are the 4 top benefits of choosing to build custom gunite pools.

·         Easy to Build – Unlike other pool lining materials, gunite does not require a wooden frame. This makes gunite pools far more flexible than other materials, meaning that pool construction contractors can build gunite into virtually any shape. Build underwater steps, natural grooves and dips in the floor, or geometric and zig-zagging walls. Gunite lets you do it all.

·         Flexible Finishes – Gunite comes in a variety of colors and finishes, which allows you to customize the appearance of the pool lining as well. Finish them in a sleek, metallic color or a natural, sea blue. You can even add glass and pebbles for a unique and impressive appearance.

·         Durability – Gunite is extremely durable, resisting the destructive elements of water, disinfecting chemicals in the water, sunlight, and more. Though gunite comes with a higher initial cost, this is an investment in a longer-lasting, lower-maintenance swimming pool.

·         Fast Construction – Constructing a gunite pool is as fast as spraying the pool with a hose and quickly smoothing it out for a perfect finish. Tile pools take an extremely long time to build, while gunite is quick. Though the material itself is pricier than others, you pay less money for labor costs by investing in such a quick construction process. It is applied quickly, dries quickly, and stays in place for years. You could have your very own gunite swimming pool in a matter of weeks!

If you want to learn about more benefits of custom gunite pools in Woodstock, research pricing, or compare pool materials, simply contact a custom pool contractor near you. You can discuss your dream pool, budget, and property dimensions so that you can have the perfect pool in no time.

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