4 Pool Renovations to Upgrade Your Pool This Year

When it comes to pool upgrades, the first thing most people think of is adding a spa. It’s the go-to enhancement for calming and relaxing away stress with a nice, hot soak. Along with massaging away aches from your tired body, it also improves blood circulation. These healing effects gave this feature the “spa” label.

Any company proficient in swimming pool construction in Atlanta can install a spa for you, but there are some other great renovation options that can make your backyard poolscape as stunning as those tropical resorts from holiday getaways. Here are 4 ways you can upgrade your pool.

Water Features

Fountains, grottos, bubblers, and waterfalls are some of the additions that can elevate your design. These features not only add beauty to your backyard oasis but also improve its functionality. For instance, bubblers have a sensory effect on our body that can help you relax and de-stress. Meanwhile, grottos offer a little privacy and make a more romantic ambiance. Fountains keep water circulating, and waterfalls are just downright mystifying.

Tanning Ledge

When the sun gets too hot for sunbathing, you’ll probably want to take a dip to cool off. But, with a tanning ledge, you can get a tan and soak in the pool at the same time. It’s a raised platform on the edge of your pool that creates a shallow area where you can relax. There’s no need to float or swim. These can be designed in any way you want, but most end up being a nook area in a corner.

You can even request a slot for a patio umbrella! Add water-friendly furniture for a half-in/half-out, aquatic experience that allows you to quickly refresh without having to fully commit yourself to immersion. Wade in, sit down, and give yourself a few splashes with the water directly beneath you. A tanning ledge is great for loungers, tiny swimmers, and pets!

Swim-up Bars

With this feature, you don’t need to hop out of the water for a drink. A swim-up bar has fixed, submerged chairs and a built-in countertop where you can insert beverages. While a lot of resorts from tropical locations have this addition so customers can enjoy the pool with a wine or a cocktail in hand, they’re becoming a residential trend as well.

One of the biggest benefits of this feature is how it saves space. Since the bar seating is in the actual pool, there’s no need to make an additional area for it on the patio. You can even have them custom-built to include a full kitchen!


Like swim-up bars, firepits are a popular pool addition. Spice yours up with this fiery addition. They’ll look impressive in daylight and even more stunning at night. They’re usually made of stone, concrete, or metal and contain a good amount of wood or coal. Depending on the type you have designed, you can use them for cooking food or simply keeping you warm when you get out from a night swim. This classy and luxurious enhancement will surely be the focal point of any backyard oasis.

The construction of the above-mentioned features can make or break your poolscape. Make sure to select a trustworthy contractor, such as Hilltop Pools and Spas, Inc., to install these add-ons. Don’t settle for a simple spa when you can have so much more.

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