4 Steps to the Perfect In-ground Pool

Do you want to build an in-ground pool, but don’t know where to start? There is a lot that goes into an in-ground pool, but knowing some tricks and tips can help get the ball rolling. Asking for the advice and suggestions of your professional pool contractors in Buckhead can definitely give you some of the pointers and answers you’re looking for. Here are 4 things to consider when looking to build an in-ground pool.


Choosing the location of where you want your pool to be will heavily impact the enjoyment and upkeep when your pool is installed. A place that is in direct sunlight is essential, but it also can’t be at the bottom of a hill or water will drain in your pool. Getting too much shade or wind will make the water feel too cold and getting in or out of the pool won’t be fun. A good view is important, but building a pool where there is space to walk around all the sides is important as well. Placement is key for both you and your family, so choose the location carefully.


There are permits and permissions you have to get before you can build or install an in-ground pool. These are regulations that everyone goes through, and shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. There are rules you have to follow when getting the pool installed. For starters, the pool has to be fenced off and in some states or cities, the pool also has to be a certain distance away from your neighbor’s property. Doing research and calling on your local pool contractors will help you through this step. Zoning permits can be tricky, but don’t let them be the reason to stop you from having your very own in-ground pool.


This bit is probably the trickiest on the list, as there are many things that can change or alter the final price of a pool. The materials used to make the pool, the labor, parts, and pieces you choose to include, and difficulty of the project is all accounted for when finding the exact price. Oftentimes the best way to find a price range is by asking neighbors or friends who have done a similar construction. This will give you a rough estimate. If you have an exact list of the materials, additions, size, depth, and shape you want your pool, a contractor in Buckhead will be able to give you an estimate as well.


The materials that you want to make the pool out of will usually be impacted by the price, and the climate of your area. There are pros and cons to in-ground liner vinyl pools, concrete (gunite), and fiberglass pools, and each of them need to be considered before you decide. The material you decide on will ultimately be the thing that determines the shape of your pool the most, as a concrete pool will run any shape, while a fiberglass will usually be a more geometric design. Sit with your family and decide what shape and material best suits the look and function that fits you best.

A lot of decisions need to be made before a contractor is able to get to work. By keeping price, shape, location, and local state regulations in mind, having your very own pool is only a matter of time. Call the pool contractors in Buckhead for advice or consultations near you.

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