4 Things to Consider about Pool Design

Getting a pool for your home is a great addition for the warm summer months. Knowing which pool design will be the best fit for your house will make the decision that much easier. Here are 4 tips to consider before you choose your pool design in Fayetteville.


Pools come in a wide range of sizes, so the size is an important component to consider. Think about how much room you have in your backyard. We know that you will want to have enough room around the pool area. Choose a pool size that will both feel big enough for you and your family and also allow you to put pool chairs and tables around the area as well. It is perhaps best to come up with a plan and draw where the pool and furniture will go. Having a concrete plan will make it easier to choose the perfect pool size that aligns with the rest of your backyard and space. You don’t want a pool that doesn’t look proportional to the rest of the yard.


Choosing the shape of the pool can be a fun part of the decision. There are many simple and funky shapes to choose from when it comes to shape design. We know that you want to choose a pool shape that goes with the rest of your house. You can opt for a simpler design, like a circle or a more oval shape. There are also funky shapes that might appeal to kids. You can choose a diamond or a more wavy shape. Discuss with your family what shape might be best for all of you and how that shape might add to the overall decor of your home and yard.

Pool Accessories

Having a pool is a great addition to any house. You can also consider whether you want to include any accessories, like slides or ladders. Slides are very popular with children and make any pool experience that much more fun for them. Consider how tall you want your slide to be depending on the age of your children. We know how much children love diving boards. Think about installing a diving board as well for more pool time fun. Getting a ladder to go into the pool might be really helpful for elderly or disabled family members and friends. We know that each family has unique needs and we can customize the pool to meet those needs so that everyone has a comfortable pool time experience.

Backyard Accessories

Getting great backyard accessories helps create a nice overall picture. You might want to install a nice-looking fireplace or a deck. These accessories can be custom made to fit your specifications. Discuss where you might like your fireplace or deck to go. Adding different accessories will make your backyard more attractive. Choose backyard accessories that highlight the pool shape you have chosen. A more classical pool design can be accompanied by a classier fireplace while a funkier pool design can have an oddly shaped fireplace. Consider how all the elements of your backyard and pool are going to work together.

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We would consider it a privilege to design and construct your project and have you as a member of our “Hilltop Family.”