4 Things to Consider When Buying a New Pool

Do you want to add a splash of fun to your summer? If you are considering buying a new pool in Duluth, GA for your yard this summer, there are a few things you should consider.


When planning your pool, we recommend that you first think about your yard and what location might be the best placement. You want to ensure that you do not choose a pool style and size that make it difficult to use your yard for other outdoor fun, and you will need enough space around it to relax in the sun after an invigorating swim! Things to consider in the placement of your pool:

1.       Sun or trees? A pool placed directly under the reaching branches of a lovely shade tree in your yard means a lot more cleaning to keep the leaves, twigs and other debris out of the water. In the direct sun, the water will get warmer faster.

2.       Up the hill or down? If your yard is sloped, consider whether you want the pool to be closer to your home or further away and how the slope of your yard impacts that choice. A flat part of your yard is the best option to prevent expensive leveling work.


When having a pool installed in your yard, you will need to consider several safety issues.

1.       If you have children, ensure that they do not have access to the water without supervision. This likely means you will need a secure fence around the perimeter of the pool area.

2.       Pool cover. During the off season, have a secure cover that helps prevent a child from climbing or falling into the winterized pool. Some covers are not child-proof, so take that into consideration when you decide which cover will best fit your needs.

Maintenance Costs

The cost of having a pool installed in your yard is only the first part of the financial picture of pool ownership. The other side of the picture is the cost for continued maintenance. You will need to factor long-term and on-going costs, including:

·         The utility costs of operating your pool equipment. Even if you do not have your pool heated, you will have other operating costs to run the pump and keep everything in working order and safe to swim.

·         Closing the pool for the winter season and opening it again for the summer season has associated costs.

·         Keeping the water chemistry adjusted properly for a safe swimming environment requires testing equipment and various chemicals.

·         Replacement and repair of any parts or pieces associated with the pool. As in all things, there is some normal wear and tear that you must budget for in order to keep things running smoothly.

Pool Design

There are a lot of options when it comes to designing your pool. A standard rectangle pool is common, but not your only option anymore. Your final pool design should include plans for your patio or decking around it, and the safety fence to create the perfect backyard oasis for you to enjoy all summer long.

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We would consider it a privilege to design and construct your project and have you as a member of our “Hilltop Family.”