4 Unique Custom Pool Designs for Your Home

If you’re interested in having a swimming pool in your home, springtime is the best time to get started. Swimming pool builders in Atlanta aren’t as busy now as they are during the summer, and the sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy the pool. When you’re researching pool designs, you may want to take a look at some of these available custom options.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are also referred to as vanishing edge pools. They get their name from the effect you observe on the sides of the pool. It looks like the water is disappearing into nothing, whereas the water in most pools is normally contained in an obvious way. With a vanishing edge pool, the water isn’t really disappearing. Instead, it is collected at each ledge and discreetly pumped back into the system. You may have seen this type of pool at a resort, but they are becoming rather popular for homeowners, too.

Lap Pool

There are many different reasons to own a swimming pool. They’re great for entertaining guests, cooling down in the summer, and having fun with your family. But if you prefer to use the pool for traditional lap swimming, you should consider installing a lap pool. They have the advantage of being longer than other pools, giving you the length you need to get your exercise. They also don’t have to be as wide and can take up less space on your property. You can even get a lap pool that comes with a current stream. You can use it to increase the intensity of your workout or get an underwater massage.

Lounge Area

You don’t have to swim in a swimming pool. Instead, it could be the perfect place to lounge in. If you’re having a custom pool designed, you could add a lounge area in the middle of it. Some custom designs provide for a dry area to hang out in where you’re surrounded by water. That’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink and chat with your friends. If the lounge idea isn’t your favorite, you could always consider an underwater bar instead.

Natural Design

Swimming pools aren’t natural places since they’re obviously man-built. However, you can turn them into a natural oasis by imitating the ocean or a lake. You can do this by choosing a wavy pool design that isn’t geometrical and adding the appropriate plants and decorations around it. To complete the look, it’s important to think about the grounds around the pool. For example, stone floors will give you a more natural feel than tile, and they’re just as easy to keep clean.

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