4th of July Pool Party Ideas

The 4th of July is coming up and every American starts to think in red, white, and blue as we all prepare to celebrate our Independence Day! For many friends and families in the south this means BBQs in the backyard and jumping into pools to cool off. Everyone loves a great pool party in the middle of the summer heat. It’s always a sure win, but we have some ideas that are sure to add some pops and sparkle to your holiday and leave your guests feeling awed and amazed.

Pool and Outdoor Lights

Does your pool have lights that change colors? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make your pool lights turn to red, white, and blue? Yes! Pool companies in Woodstock, GA, can come out and change your pool lights so that you can show that holiday pride. If your pool doesn’t have lights, you can contact a pool professional about the possibility of having lights installed. Outdoor lights around the pool can also create a great patriotic vibe.

Floating Lanterns

Another solution if your pool doesn’t have lights is to put floating lanterns in your pool. They are beautiful and breathtaking. They’re sure to bring elegance and serenity to your party if you are leaning more toward a reverent remembrance of the hard earned freedoms we enjoy together as a country.

Rubber Ducks and Dive Sticks

Many pool parties include kids, and kids love pool toys! Make the toys in your swimming pools even more exciting by getting red, white, and blue themed rubber ducks and dive sticks. These toys are always a hit with kids and they are pretty inexpensive. Other red, white, and blue toys like pool noodles, swim goggles, and kick boards would also be a ton of fun!

Music and Food

No 4th of July pool party is complete without good music and great food. Load up your playlist with a great mix of patriotic songs from all your favorite singers. We love our country singers in Georgia and there is definitely no shortage of America-loving ballads in that genre. As you think of the food you want to serve, the great thing about BBQs is that pretty much any side and dessert goes perfect with it. A quick search on social media boards will turn up hundreds of patriotic themed dishes and goodies for you to make at home.

Fans and Shade

Don’t forget about your guests that might not be able to get in the pool, but will be sitting next to it. They’ll need a way to beat the heat. You could get some plain white paper fans and color red, white, and blue in the folded sections. As your guests open them up, they’ll be delighted to see the colors of their American flag. Not only will these personal fans be fun and festive, they’ll provide some much needed relief from the heat and flies (it is a BBQ after all!). Make sure to provide some shade for guests to sit in. If you have large trees, a pergola, or awning in your yard, decorate them right along with the rest of your party area.

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