5 Common Myths about Swimming Pools

If you have any reservations about installing your very own swimming pool, then some popular myths may be to blame. Everyone knows the most important facts about swimming pools: They are fun, great for exercise, excellent for families, and require adult supervision at all times to prevent an accident or emergency. But plenty of people also believe some common myths about pools in Atlanta, too. Here are 5 popular myths that need to be busted.

·         You can use dye to prevent urination in your pool – Many people believe that urinating in pool water can reveal dyes that change the water color, incriminating the guilty child (and occasional adult). Unfortunately, this sort of dye that reacts with urine does not currently exist. Word of this spread thanks to many pool owners who use the presence of dye as a warning to kids: If you pee in the pool, everyone will know. Chlorine definitely won’t kill everything hazardous in urine, so try to keep loose bladders out of the pool.

·         Chlorine makes your hair green – Pool water can certainly leave a green tint in your hair. Thankfully, this is only temporary and is usually only visible in blonde and white hair. However, the chlorine is not to blame. Copper sulfate, an anti-algae element in pool water, is the real culprit. While this might not sound like a pleasant effect, you can prevent discoloration by limiting your swimming time to about an hour. Don’t skip on using copper sulfate. Most pool builders recommend it to prevent algae growth; algae can make pool water poisonous.

·         Chlorine is dangerous – Pool water should definitely not be swallowed, but this is really only a problem for children, and a small amount that is accidentally ingested won’t do you any harm. However, the controlled amount of chlorine in swimming pools is not dangerous to people in any serious way. It can mildly irritate the skin and eyes and cause hair to feel dry. Other than this mild discomfort, there is no need to fear.

·         Pools are expensive – Swimming pools are not reserved for wealthy homeowners anymore. Swimming pool contractors in Atlanta can build pools for homeowners on a budget. Limitations on the size, depth, and decorative features of a pool can save you tons of money.

·         You have to wait an hour after eating to go swimming – There is no medical evidence that swimming immediately after eating has any particular negative effects. This myth permeated the public thanks to several parents issuing warnings to their children. Swimming right after you eat will not make you more likely to cramp, drown, or vomit. However, swimming laps on a full stomach might not feel comfortable—but neither would running a mile or doing pushups right after you finish eating. Giving your body time to digest before exercise is recommended simply for your comfort.

One thing that is certainly true of swimming pools is that you could have your own within weeks if you contact a pool contractor in your area. The best builders can install pools in Atlanta in no time according to your requests.

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