5 Signs to Replace Your Pool Liner

If you have one of the pools in Cumming that requires a pool liner, you need to know when to replace the liner. In general, the liners last around 10 years, but there are many other factors that will shorten the time between replacements. Watch for the following 5 signs to help you know when to replace your liner:


Over time, pool liners start to deteriorate. This is caused by UV rays as well as the chemicals that you use in your pool. Pay attention to the condition of the liner. If it’s starting to look worn down, it might be time to replace it–even if it’s before the estimated lifespan.

Water Loss

Water loss can be the result of leaks and cracks in the liner. You should observe your pool over a week’s time to find out if the water level drops by more than 1 foot. If it does, you need to replace the liner. When water leaks behind the liner, it can destroy the supporting backfill and cause corrosion to the sand. This can even lead to sinkholes in your backyard. To prevent these issues, it’s best to replace your liner as soon as possible.


With the sunlight beating down on your liner every day and chemicals eating away at the liner, you may start to notice the color fading. As this occurs, it can also cause your liner to become brittle, which would make it difficult to walk around on when you’re using your pool. If you start to observe a difference in the appearance of your liner, consider having it replaced.


When you fail to clean your liner on a regular basis and add the required chemicals, algae will start to grow on your liner, staining it in the process. Rust can also stain your liner. If you have metal or other objects in the water, you may start to notice a reddish-brown stain starting to appear on the liner. In either case, it’s very difficult, and most of the time impossible, to remove these stains. On top of that, the stains can weaken the liner. As they start to appear, prepare to schedule a time to replace your liner.


As the liner deteriorates, it will lose its elasticity. When this happens, it will have a hard time staying in one place. You may also notice it starting to sag or wrinkle. This could also cause the fittings to become lose, which can cause many other issues for you if you fail to replace the liner in a timely manner.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to replace your pool liner. Contact Hilltop Pools and Spas Inc, and we can help you determine the right liner for your pool and help you order it. Staying on top of replacing your liner will help you take care of your pool, ensuring that you pool will last for a long time without needing to replace other parts and fittings on your pool.

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