5 Tips to Make Your Swimming Pool More Fun

Kids and adults alike love a classic, rectangular backyard pool. However, enhancing the pool into your very own backyard oasis is sure to make the experience more fun for everyone!

Here are 5 ways to make swimming pools more fun:

1. Water Features

Adding a waterfall, fountain, or both will enhance the look and feel of the pool. Kids will love splashing around in the fountain or jumping through the waterfall. Adding these features on an existing pool is easy for a pool company, and you can adjust the size to fit your budget.

2. Entertainment Deck

Imagine how perfect it would be to get out of the water onto a comfy lounge chair to watch a movie with your family! Enhance the fun experience of your pool by adding more entertainment features next to the water such as a TV, pool table, or charcoal grill. The options are endless, and you will be able to spend the whole day outside with your family and never run out of things to do.

3. Landscape

It will be more fun to swim in your pool if it’s pretty to look at! Adding some bright flowers or a few bushes can turn your pool from average to something out of a magazine. Planting larger trees or bushes around the pool will also give it a more private feel.

4. Lights and Color

Fun colors are sure to liven up your pool. Brightly colored lounge chairs, umbrellas, or even multicolored stones or concrete will quickly change the feel of the pool. Lights in and around your pool not only enhance safety, but can also come in many colors, depending on your preference. Whether you just want to relax or play around with your kids in the water, choosing the right lights will help you do that.

5. Pool Toys

For kids, nothing will make a pool more fun than to have some extra water toys to play with. You can easily blend a storage box into the landscape where you can store pool noodles, inflatable tubes, and beach balls ready for kids to grab.

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