5 Top Swimming Pool Shapes for Your Home

Deciding to build your own pool is a big deal. Even a modest, ingrown pool requires a significant investment in time, space and money. The next step is to choose what shape pool you want to have built. By working with your custom pool builder in Atlanta, you can make sure your design is interesting, functional and eye-catching without breaking your budget. Here are some examples of pool shapes that are popular.

Infinity Pools

Generally, you have to have a pretty good view to pull this one off. The concept is that by using an optical illusion, you can make it appear that the water is flowing over one edge of a pool and into a vista below. The waterfalls into a trough, where it is cycled back through the pool. An Infinity pool usually sits above the scenery, as in an overlook of a lake, river, valley, the ocean, etc. and your pool builders position it for maximum view and effect.

Rectangle and Lap Pools

This type of pool fits all house models, but is perceived to work best with a more traditional architecture. Chances are very good you have seen one or even swam in one. The purpose of the lap pool is functionality. It provides a place to cool off, exercise, play, for all ages, but it is also classic enough in design that it never will go out of style. Rectangular pools also fit in a variety of settings and pool installation is simple.


The flow of a freeform pool is that it has no flow. That reality makes each and every one iconic. It sounds exactly like what it is. You decide the swimming pool construction shape and angles, proportions and depths, linings and surrounding deck materials. Freeform pools can be made to blend with the landscape, which makes them look almost like a natural pond. Add some landscaping to the perimeter and you have your own personal lagoon.


It would be impossible to verify, but a sampling of backyard pools would like reveal that the kidney-shaped pool is the most popular shape throughout the USA. This is for a number of reasons. First, it is a friendly, soft shape that is not in any manner intimidating. Second, the retro look melds with just about any type of architecture. Finally, it is a great starting point for landscaping and outdoor design; the kidney concept helps frame a plot of land and what buildings, shrubs or other features should go around it.


Custom pool shapes are similar to freeform, except their shape is completely unique. This type of concept is completely up to the whims of the homeowner. They work with a pool designer to ensure the engineering of the concept is sound, but the shape, size, depths, lining and surrounding deck is completely up to them. In many cases, the homeowner gives the designer free reign to design their own concept, with approval, which usually works best because the designer can make sure the pool is not so unique it actually works against the value of the property.

There are many different types of pools you can design or have built to meet your swimming, entertainment and relaxing needs. Making sure you choose a shape in coordination with a custom pool builder in Atlanta is one way you can ensure you will love your pool for years to come.

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