6 Things Pool Companies Are Hiding from You

You know just how important it is for your pool to be well maintained and the chemicals in the water balanced correctly. For that reason, you hired a pool company to handle all of the heavy lifting. You probably spent time researching the best business to handle your maintenance needs and eventually chose the right one for you. Is it possible that there are things your pool company isn’t telling you? Here are just a few facts that your swimming pool contractors in Newnan may not disclose.

·         Maintenance is more important than you might think. After all of the time and money you spent building your pool, you expect it to last. If you don’t properly care for the pool area, filter, or water, the life of your pool could be cut in half. In the event that you neglect your pool entirely, it may only last a quarter of the time that it should.

·         Your pool’s pump could be costing you a fortune. Take a look at your energy bill. Does it seem a bit high to you? If you have an older pool pump, it could be consuming more energy than necessary. In fact, it’s estimated that older pool pumps can consume up to half of the average home’s entire energy output. Updating your pool’s pump is the best way to save money and keep your water clear.

·         If you’re not getting reports from your pool company, they may not be doing their job. Many pool companies may say that they are attending to your pool every week. In reality, though, they may only be coming every two or three weeks. Insist that your pool company shows you a report each and every time your pool is maintained. This ensures that you have hired an honest company and that you’re getting your money’s worth.

·         Even saltwater pools need to be maintained. While you might have chosen salt over chlorine in an attempt to lessen the amount of work that needs to be done on your pool, it’s still important to balance the pH. Whether you hire out the help or handle the maintenance yourself, a salt water pool shouldn’t be ignored.

·         A green pool is trouble. If it’s been more than two or three weeks since you tested your pool’s water or performed any sort of maintenance, it’s normal for your water to turn a greenish hue. While you might think that it’s just algae growing, there are also harmful bacteria in your water. E. coli and other viruses thrive in water that is unclean and untouched.

·         The sun is not your pool’s friend. While you may enjoy a sunny day in your pool, it’s important to care for your water afterwards. Direct sunlight can cause the chlorine in your pool to evaporate. When the weather is hot, it’s important to check your pool’s water 1 to 2 times more per week.

Hiring pool companies in Newnan that are trustworthy and competent is an important way to keep your water healthy and balanced. If you feel that your pool company isn’t being honest with you, it’s time to hire someone new. After all, the life of your pool depends on it!

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