A Comparison between Vinyl Liner and Concrete Pool

If you’ve spent time driving around the city, you’ve likely noticed that there are some amazing swimming pool designs in Atlanta. Of course, when it comes to installing a swimming pool, there are a number of choices that have to be made. One essential choice is the kind of material to be used. Fiberglass, vinyl liners, and concrete pools all have their pros and cons. It’s worth considering their advantages and disadvantages before you make a final decision.

Vinyl Liners

The vinyl liner pool is the least expensive option. With a vinyl liner, the hole is dug, either polymer or steel walls are installed, and a vinyl liner is then inserted. Similar to a fiberglass pool, it’s nonporous. A vinyl liner pool only needs chemicals added on occasion and is relatively inexpensive to maintain. Fiberglass pools are pre-fabricated, so there are limited choices, and customization is limited. A pool with a vinyl liner allows for a bit more customization, but won’t be as versatile and customizable as a concrete pool.

Unfortunately, the vinyl liner is the pool’s main selling point and greatest weakness. The lining can be punctured or torn and will need to be replaced every 5-7 years. This costs thousands of dollars. As a result, the lifetime cost of a vinyl liner is significantly higher than a fiberglass pool. Steps, ladders, and other accessories are separate and incur additional costs. The liner can crease or wrinkle, which may allow it to harbor algae.

Concrete Pools

If you admire beautiful, well-crafted pools that are as much a work of art as they are fun and functional, a concrete pool is the only way to go. However, a concrete pool does come with the highest price tag out of the three. To build a concrete pool, a hole is dug in the shape of the pool, rebar is installed around the edges and bottom, and then concrete is poured into molds. This forms the walls and flooring. After the concrete has set, it’s covered in gunite, plaster, tile, or a pebble finish.

A properly maintained concrete pool can last for decades, but the upkeep is more expensive. One of the biggest benefits is that concrete pools are endlessly customizable. Practically anything an architect can sketch can be created with concrete. Vanishing edges, beach entrances, and other adjustments or additions can be built into a concrete pool. It’s the gold standard of pool design.

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