A Guide to Concrete Pool Decks: Popular Styles & Maintenance

folded deck chair on concrete pool deck next by swimming poolDeciding which concrete pool deck to choose is one of those classic adult decisions that you never imagined would mean so much to you. Choosing the right style for your landscape not only affects the aesthetic of your pool area, but the safety and functionality as well.

You’ll want to choose a style that’s versatile, durable, and can withstand the changing trends and styles enough that it won’t go out of fashion within the first month. Consider what type of furniture you’ll be placing on your deck, along with the colors and patterns of your furnishings. What outdoor activities will take place out on the deck? And will you have a grill or kitchen area poolside as well? 

Concrete pool decks are a reliable, adaptable option with endless design possibilities. We’ll go over some of the most popular styles and maintenance tips to ensure your deck lasts for as long as possible.

Stamped Concrete

This style of concrete is made by pouring wet concrete, then stamping a pattern into the surface before it dries. Popular patterns include wood, cobblestone, and slate. This style offers the durability of concrete with the look of natural materials at a fraction of the cost.

With endless color options as well, it’s important to choose a tone that will match your changing outdoor furnishings. While stamped concrete should be as level as possible (even with the indentations), you can add a slip-resistant layer for optimal safety.

Exposed Aggregate

A mixture of gravel and concrete, this style is also called pebble or river rock. The surface is poured with a layer of concrete, and then the top layer is removed to expose the stones underneath, giving it a naturally eroded look. This gives texture and added traction, making it great for pool decks as well as patios and walkways.

You can choose the color, style, and finish of the stones or pebbles, giving you creative reign over the feel of your poolside deck. Keep in mind that a polished finish is more comfortable to walk on than a raw finish, especially with bare feet. 

Broom Finish

A traditional style, this concrete is poured and then lightly swept with a broom to create a non-slip texture on the surface. This finish is great for pool decks because it provides traction without creating divots that can catch feet and cause tripping hazards. It also pairs well with different furniture options and outdoor grilling areas.

Stenciled Concrete Pool Decks

For a more custom and manufactured look, stenciled concrete is a great option. A design or pattern is applied to the wet concrete, creating a personalized touch to your pool deck with the comfort of a consistent design. Stencils can be used to mimic brick or tile patterns, giving you various options for color and texture.

Salt Finish

This style of concrete pool deck is achieved by spreading a mix of rock salt onto the wet concrete, then lightly tamping it in to create a textured finish before power washing it away. It’s important to note that the weathered, indented texture of salt finishing can be harsh on sensitive, bare feet, so always have outdoor rugs or furniture for comfort. This style also requires diligent maintenance to prevent further erosion or cracking.

How to Repair Concrete Pool Deck Cracks

Depending on the severity of the crack in your pool deck, there are steps you can take to maintain it before getting it fixed by professionals.

  • Clean any dirt from the crack with a wire brush and then rinse it off.
  • Fill in the crack with a concrete repair mixture, smoothing it down with a putty knife. Allow time for it to dry before power washing or walking on it again.
  • Seal the area to prevent further cracking. If the crack is too severe or grows in size, it’s important to have it professionally repaired to prevent further damage and safety concerns.

How to Clean a Concrete Pool Deck

One of the easiest actions you can take to maintain your concrete pool deck is regular cleaning. Every couple of days, make sure to sweep your concrete pool deck and scrub at any stubborn stains with a cleaning solution. For a more thorough cleaning, remove all furniture and pressure wash the entire surface of your deck, making sure to scrub any tough stains that remain.

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