Accessories and Add-ons to consider for your new pool

There are plenty of pool add-ons that you might already appreciate, but lots of homeowners don’t take advantage of the whole selection of pool accessories out there. Some of them are useful tools that can help make things more convenient for you and your family, while other pool add-ons are just great ways to make your pool area more entertaining and fun for others.

There are also pool accessories that can make the experience much more fun for guests at a pool party or pool add-ons that can make for a more comfortable and relaxing day off. Here are some of the best accessories and add-ons to consider for your pool.

Floating Pool Speaker

There are plenty of incredible outdoor speakers out there, and your home may even have an outdoor sound system already. However, what about having music available immediately, while you and your guests are in the pool? A floating pool speaker can be a great way to enjoy your favorite songs without having to get up to change the song all the time or risk water damage to devices.

This great pool add-on is waterproof and actually floats in your pool so that you can enjoy music while swimming or hanging out at the pool. The features allow users to adjust volume, tracks, and inputs from the floating unit itself.

Brookstone Towel Warmer

What’s one of the most frustrating things about swimming? Climbing out of a pool only to find a wet towel instead of a dry one! This can be common if you’re taking a few swims throughout the day.

That’s why a Brookstone Towel Warmer can be a great way to ensure this never happens again. They are even more beneficial if you happen to be swimming on a cooler day, since you can enjoy the embrace of a warm towel. One of the benefits here is that the towel warmer has an auto-shutoff so that you don’t have to worry about your towels getting damaged or overheated. Pool owners love the Brookstone Towel Warmer, and it’s one of the best pool accessories to consider.

Pool and Spa Footbath

One of the reasons that a footbath remains one of the most popular pool accessories is because it’s so practical. A footbath is a great way to make sure that your pool remains as clean as possible so that people aren’t bringing dirt with them from outside into the pool. If your children are playing in your backyard, for example, and hop right into the pool – there’s a good chance that they are bringing some dirt and grass with them. This can be even more frustrating for homeowners that already cleaned the pool before inviting others over.

There aren’t many pool add-ons that can make sure that you have less work to do when cleaning up after a pool party, but a footbath is definitely one of them! A footbath can also help make sure that your pool remains as clear as possible.

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