Accessories You’ll Need for Your New Pool


Now that your new pool is fully built, you’re probably excited to equip it with everything you need to have a great time. Check out our recommendations for things to include on your shopping list when you’re beginning to accessorize your new pool.

Maintenance Equipment

It is always worth mentioning that you should have maintenance equipment on hand to perform regular checks and cleanings. This is the least fun part of pool shopping, but it is the most important. Keeping your pool clean will play a large role in being able to enjoy your pool for a long time.

Some pieces of equipment to keep include a pool skimmer, a testing kit, a pool vacuum, and other cleaning supplies.

Accessories for Lounging

Hanging out by the water all summer is bound to come with some relaxing downtime. Getting spaces set up ahead of time to fit your lounging needs will be helpful once you’re ready to get some sun and relaxation in.

Some items to consider putting in are lounge chairs in the pool if you’re got the shallow space to house them, umbrellas to work as shade coverage, and small tables to set down any drinks, books, your phone, or anything else to help you relax.

For those wanting to relax in the pool, get inflatable pool circles or floats so you’re able to drift around the water and enjoy the sun. People even make inflatable cozies these days to hold any drinks

Accessories for Fun

Time at the pool should always come with some fun and here’s where you can get really creative with what you decide to get. There are all sorts of accessories you can get such as basketball hoops or volleyball nets for active families, slides, inflatables, noodles, diving toys, you name it!

Accessories for Safety

Make pool time more relaxing and fun by giving yourself some peace of mind. Having safety equipment ready beforehand is a good precaution especially if you have younger kids that will be using or hanging around the pool.

Rope and float lines, buoys, and safety hooks are all useful to have and should be kept in a location that is easy to see. Keeping a first aid kit outside also makes it easier for you in the future if something were to happen and keeps you from rushing back and forth into the house for materials.

Finally, a pool fence is a good idea for those with small children. This is used to keep kids out of the pool when you aren’t around and can prevent smaller children who are playing in the yard from falling in. We recommend installing something that has a lock and is unable to be climbed. You can also add an alarm that will alert you if anyone tries to get in.

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