Adding a Spa to an Existing Pool

Maybe you’ve recently decided you want to add a spa to a pool that you’ve already built or maybe you bought a home with a pool in the backyard and wonder if you can attach a spa to it. A spa is a great addition to any pool that makes it even easier to relax in your backyard. If you have the budget in place and time to schedule out a pool addition, go for it!

Types of Spas

Installing a spa is no small feat especially if you’re choosing to do something in-ground. A free-standing spa can easily be added to any spot in your backyard; however, an in-ground spa will take more planning. The best way to tackle this project is to go over what you’re looking for in a spa. Start with understanding the different types of spas that exist.

  • Attached spa. This is a spa that is directly connected to your pool and shares the water and equipment that is already being used. A good choice to go with here may be a naturalistic spa design that incorporates into your present landscaping and can be enhanced with custom features.
  • Spillover spa. A spillover spa is one that elegantly flows into the design of your existing pool. It is usually placed adjacent to your current pool and shares the same pump. Rather than sharing water, the water from the spa will spill over into the pool.
  • Detached spa. A detached spa is completely self-contained and does not require as much renovation as the other options. This is a separated unit that has its own equipment and maintenance.

What to Consider

Once you have your base design decided on, you’ll have to make some decisions based on your intentions for the spa. For example, is this something to enjoy alone or are you expecting to use it for jacuzzi parties with your friends? Make sure you have a clear plan of action with your spa.

Consider how big the spa will need to be. This will affect the number of jets and pumps that need to be installed. You may also need to scale back your vision based on the physical space that is available in your yard. Additionally, consider the depth of your hot tub and how you would like the seats and jets to be distributed. If you’re planning on inviting multiple people over, you’ll have to decide if you want jets lining the walls or in clustered in the middle.

Finally, think about how much you’re willing to spend on this project as well as how soon you’d like to enjoy your pool. An attached pool will require most cost upfront as well as time since this usually requires renovation on your existing pool and while a detached spa can be conveniently located anywhere and quicker to install, it comes with its own set of equipment to upkeep.

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