Adding Pool Lights to Improve Your Luxury Pool Experience

Your swimming pool is a backyard oasis for your family and guests. A pool is a substantial financial investment, which is why you’ve put a lot of thought and creativity into enhancing your home’s backyard recreational experience.

Pool lighting offers a level of safety for you and those who use your pool, but lights are more than functional. Creative, energy-efficient lighting sources can extend the use of your pool into the evening hours and create an ambiance that’ll impress your guests.

There are many lighting options to consider for your custom pool design in Atlanta. Here are a few choices that have the potential to spark your imagination.

Sun Power

Swimming pool builders in Atlanta will tell you that solar-powered lighting is a popular trend for home in-ground pools. They are excellent for decorative purposes and provide enough illumination to create a safe pool environment for your guests. Solar lights are also energy efficient, but they must have enough sunlight during the day to charge and operate properly at night. You can save money with solar-powered lights for your pool, but they should complement the lighting design plan and not be your sole illumination source.

Poolside Glow

Envision your in-ground pool illuminated by the glow of coils of colored lights. This is what fiber optic lighting can do. Fiber optic lights are safe for use underwater since the source of the lighting is typically installed in a dry box on top of the patio away from the water. Fiber optic lighting is flexible, and it’s common for owners to run the lighting along their pool’s perimeter and patio area so guests can admire the glow as dusk settles in.

Fiber optic pool lights can last about three to seven years and may cost twice as much to install and replace. Since the goal is for your pool to project beauty and luxury living, the money for fiber optic pool lighting would be well spent.


If you want durability, safety, and energy efficiency as well as the appearance of luxury, LED lighting should count as one of your choices. LED lighting works efficiently as ground lighting and as pool illumination at half the cost of using  fiber optic lights. Because many LED pool lights operated at low voltage, they are safe even when submerged. LED lights are sold in different colors, so your pool and patio areas can be customized to reflect the multiple colors of the spectrum to your liking.

Design Ideas

The use of creative lighting is incorporated in most swimming pool designs in Atlanta. You could buy colored LED light globes that float for a stylish and unconventional appearance. Concentrate your lighting to highlight the special and unique luxury areas of your pool, such as the spa or waterfall. Your pool area likely will have seating areas, a bar, or a firepit, so use pathway lighting in those areas to help the flow of pedestrian traffic.

Hire an Expert

Your luxury vision for your swimming pool will require the help of a professional pool lighting technician. Installing and replacing pool lighting can be a do-it-yourself project if you have the skills to do it but hiring a pro can get you the best and safest results for your luxury pool project.

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