Avoiding Mistakes When Hiring a Swimming Pool Builder

Swimming pool construction is a specialized service. Not only does it require extensive knowledge in construction and engineering, it also requires experience in landscaping and creative design, as well as familiarity with the area’s climate and environmental factors.

Finding a qualified custom pool builder in Canton is vital to the construction of a beautiful, functional swimming pool area and outdoor space. But the search for a provider who is experienced in swimming pool designs and custom pools isn’t always easy.

Here are some tips that you will help you avoid mistakes and choose a qualified and reputable company.

Understand Your Investment

Swimming pools are an investment in your home or business, and special attention should be paid to the estimate provided by the swimming pool builder—the materials that will be used in its construction, the overall design, and the pool products that will be installed. Some companies may offer a much lower price initially, but after construction begins, that initial cost starts to climb due to unexpected issues. Taking an active role in your pool’s construction and having a basic understanding of the steps and the construction schedule makes you a better consumer. Ask questions.

Research Area Pool Companies

Start with each company’s website. There should be a variety of information available, including their contact information and the number of years of experience the company has in pool construction. Most reputable providers will also offer an “about us” section, and will reveal the history of the company and a mission statement. Here are some additional areas to research:

·         A photo gallery of the pools the company has created

·         Experienced in building residential or commercial pools, or both

·         Industry awards and recognitions

·         Professional memberships, such as the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP)

·         Customer reviews

There are also great customer review sites, including Kudzu and Angie’s List, that provide information on local craftsmen and home improvement businesses.

High Customer Service Level

Swimming pools are a worthwhile but expensive home or business improvement. As the customer, you should feel that your ideas are heard, your questions answered, and your concerns addressed. Narrow down your search to the top swimming pool builders and schedule a consultation. If the consultation feels more like a sales pitch to increase the cost beyond what you had planned, then that company may not be the best choice. A reputable company will listen to what you have in mind for your outdoor space, take your budget into consideration, and offer suggestions to create a space that is functional and beautiful.

The Lowest Bid Isn’t Always the Best Bid

As the story goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. With successful pool construction, there are a variety of considerations—pool size, type, amenities, and location—that are taken into account to ensure years of problem-free service. A written estimate should be provided, financing clarified, and a detailed timeframe schedule provided. A pool is generally built in stages, and payment is made with each stage. Deposits are customary, but should not be more than 1/3 of the total cost. While cost is important, you shouldn’t choose a builder just because they offer the lowest bid.

A reliable, reputable company will have years of experience and be active within the communities it serves. There may a few choices for swimming pool builders in Canton. Ask questions and research the providers to ensure you are choosing the right one.

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