Taking care of your pool may not be a fun job, but it’s necessary to do to keep your pool functional and clean for your entire family to enjoy. After all, clean water and a healthy pH balance are essential to maintaining your pool. You should create a weekly pool cleaning routine, so your pool can stay healthy and functional season-round.

Balance your pool

If you thought your job was over after selecting the best swimming pool builders in Alpharetta, you are sorely mistaken. One of the most important ways you can take care of your pool is to balance the water in it and having the correct pH levels. Fortunately, there’s plenty of pool equipment available for you to use to make sure your pool has a balanced pH and prevent your pool water from becoming too acidic and cloudy. Properly balancing your pool also prevents skin and eye irritation in your family when they use the pool. By maintaining your pool, you will keep them safe as well.

Chlorinate Your Pool

Properly chlorinating your pool will prevent algae and bacteria buildup. You should make sure your chlorine levels stay at 1 to 4 ppm to be sanitized appropriately and safe enough for everyone to use. Here are a few tools you can use to keep your pool water clean and chlorinated:

·         Chlorinating tabs

·         Chlorinating granules

·         Liquid chlorine


You should make sure to weekly shock your pool to get rid of any contaminants prevent eye and skin irritation. Also, properly shocking your pool can prevent further dangerous problems for both your pool and the people that want to use it. Plus, there are a lot of pool shock products that you can use, so you’re definitely not limited to what you can use.


Unfortunately, if you don’t take care of your pool, small microscopic plants can enter your pool in the form of algae by wind and water. These plants can clog your pool filters, reduce the effectiveness of your pool chemicals, unbalance the pool water pH, and prevent water circulation. However, by adding algaecide to your pool, you can kill a variety of different types of algae and prevent them from plaguing your pool ever again.


Every day, you should work to skim debris out of your pool, such as leaves and pollen. You should also clean out skimmer baskets before going swimming. Every week, you should properly test your pool water, clean the walls and floors of your pool, and hose down the pool areas before and after using it.

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