Best Qualities of Reliable Pool Builders

Once you’ve decided to install an inground swimming pool, the wait to find the right custom pool builder in Atlanta can be excruciating! Once the decision is made, you want the work to start immediately, but fight the urge to contact the first of the pool builders in Atlanta phone directories! Finding a reliable contractor to design and install your pool may be the difference between having a backyard oasis you’ll enjoy for decades and having a pool that requires so much effort it feels like a full-time job!

Keep this guide handy as you begin sifting through potential pool builders in Atlanta. Here are some of the most common qualities of reliable pool contractors.

Office Space

While there are quality designers and pool installers who don’t maintain an office space, it’s easier to track down a contractor when and if you have questions or concerns if they maintain commercial space somewhere. An office suggests longevity, another important quality of the most reliable contractors.


Longevity, or experience, offers you a few insights into a pool builder. First, they have experience installing and maintaining custom pools. This means you can get references, see photos of their past efforts, and feel confident they’ve survived in a challenging business. That increases the likelihood they’ll be around years from now to assist in maintaining your pool or to provide warranty service if things aren’t quite perfect on completion day.


One major challenge to any home project is keeping in contact with your building professionals. During a pool build, your yard is going to be torn up for a time, and weather and other issues can push back deadlines. Having an accessible builder who takes your calls, explains issues, and keeps you up-to-date on project changes and deadlines is key–not just to a successful build, but also to your peace of mind.


Speaking of referrals: Obviously, ask family and friends who have pools in their backyards if they have companies or contractors they recommend. However, a custom pool is a major investment, so experts suggest homeowners go one step further. Request photos and details about previous pool projects from potential builders, and follow up by visiting the customers themselves. A homeowner who is happy with a recent build is the best indication that you’ve found a quality pool contractor. You should also take a peek at pools that are a few years old to ensure the contractor’s work can withstand the test of time.

Association Memberships

Finally, most quality professionals in any industry–including pool building–belong to professional associations. These associations help their members stay abreast of the latest updates and regulations related to their industries. A quality pool builder might have membership in The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals or the Master Pool Builders Guild, or both. Associations typically requires their members to maintain high levels of service and ethics. In many industry associations, members police one another. So a builder who maintains membership in a professional association works hard to retain good status. That means keeping customers happy!

When you’re ready to put in that custom pool, finding the right contractor will be a critical decision in the process.

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