The stormy season brings more than just powerful wind and debris. Every year people lose their homes, businesses, and much more due to strong hurricanes and bad weather. Keeping that in view, it’s always better to prepare in advance to protect yourself from the...

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Building a swimming pool is a big decision. It’s a detail-rich and time-consuming process, but the more homeowners are informed, the easier it is for everyone. Concrete or in-ground swimming pools must be designed with function and form to suit a homeowner’s property...

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Swimming pools are great, and not just for diving in on those hot summer days. They also add a bit of luxury to a home and even increase property value. 2020 saw a lot of staycations, which meant people had to make their homes as comfortable and entertaining as...

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How to Build a Pool That’s Good for Exercise

Some might think that swimming pools are only useful for lounging in the hot summer months. However, with the large variety of swimming pools available, both in terms of shape and use, there are more choices for their practical use. Swimming is a great form of...

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Pros and Cons You Should Know About

When you are thinking of a cheap, personalized, and low-maintenance pool, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a vinyl pool. Not only is it a stunning piece for your backyard, but it also has some amazing advantages to offer. Of course, like any other...

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Accessories and Add-ons to consider for your new pool

There are plenty of pool add-ons that you might already appreciate, but lots of homeowners don’t take advantage of the whole selection of pool accessories out there. Some of them are useful tools that can help make things more convenient for you and your family, while...

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Common Pool Renovation Questions

Renovating your pool isn’t a small decision by any means. There is a good chance that it will take a lot of time and money, and you should make sure that you are ready for the journey of renovating your pool. Of course, there is also the challenge of finding the right...

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Landscaping Ideas for Around Your Pool

There are about 10.4 million pools in the US. Every year, millions of people gather in backyards across the nation to enjoy a relaxing swim in refreshingly cool water. Are you thinking about joining them in this tranquil pastime? What kind of landscaping can you build...

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Types of Pool Filters

Introduction If you’re reading this, chances are that you're one of the 10.4 million Americans that own pools with their homes. Swimming is a refreshing way to get through your day.  Like other spaces in your home, pools can get dirty from daily debris. Whether at...

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