Building a Modern Pool vs. A Natural Pool

Pools are one of the world’s favorite additions to a backyard. From the first swimming pools in ancient Greece, Rome, and Pakistan, pools were used for religious functions, swimming, bathing, and socializing. Now, swimming pools are all over the world, used for aesthetic purposes, exercise, and play. But, if you are considering building a swimming pool in your Cumming backyard, there are a few things pool builders recommend you need to consider, including what type of swimming pool you would want to design. Most people will want to choose between two types of designs: a modern pool or a natural pool. A modern pool uses clean lines, basic shapes and materials like travertine and concrete. A natural pool uses lots of stone, is generally curvy, and often includes things like rock waterfalls and grottos. If you are wondering which type of pool suits you, here are a few things that you’ll want to consider.

Your Home

One of the first things you’ll want to consider is what style of home you have. If you live in a small cottage-like home, you may not want to build a modern pool, as it will distract from the ambiance of your area. If you have a home full of concrete and shaped in squares and rectangles, you won’t want to create a pool that looks like a natural pond in your backyard. Either of these things would be distracting from the style of your home, so you’ll want to talk with a contractor before you are set on a certain style.

The Pool’s Use

The next thing you’ll want to consider is the pool’s use. If you live alone and are wanting a pool for a relaxing end of day activity, you might consider a simple plunge pool, or a hot tub. If you have kids that are looking forward to slides, diving boards, and waterfalls, you won’t want to create a small, minimalistic pool. Not only will this make your kids sad, it may not get used as much. If you are a swimmer, or love using swimming as an exercise, you may want to install a lap pool, or a pool that is long enough to be used for laps. This is one of the most important things to consider, especially because it will determine whether you want to build a modern pool or a natural pool.

If you want to please your kids with waterfalls, underwater grottos, slides, and rocks to jump off, you’ll lean toward a natural pool. This type of style lends itself to lots of stone, curves, and rock waterfalls, perfect for curious and active children. If you want something more simple and minimalistic, you will lean toward a modern pool.

Your Style

Lastly, after all other considerations, you’ll want to think about what type of pool you prefer. Do you like minimalistic things or more natural looking things? Do you lean more toward a contemporary look in your home, or something that mimics an old country farmhouse? Each of these styles can be created in pool design. With the clean lines, rectangles, and concrete of a modern pool, you can achieve a forward look for your backyard, similar to many spa looks, and can complement it with bamboo fences, clean lined sofas and lounge chairs, and concrete or stone walkways. With a more natural looking pool, with lots of stone, curvy lines, rock waterfalls, and grottos, you can create an oasis in your backyard, complete with a garden, curving walkways, and even a hammock or swing to relax on.

If you are wondering whether to build a modern pool versus a natural pool, be sure to contact your local pool builders in Cumming, GA, Hilltop Pools and Spas. We will be able to help you decide on the perfect design for your pool and make sure you are pleased with the outcome.

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