Celebrating our 40th Year in Business

To celebrate our 40th year in business, we present our favorite benefits to having your own backyard pool. Here are the top reasons we and our customers have enjoyed a happier life, thanks to their custom pools.

1.       Increased property value: adding a pool to your backyard increases your property value, just like a return on investment for a kitchen remodel or spa bathroom renovation, you can expect a return on your investment up to 100% in some areas. (Consult a local real estate agent for details specific to your area.)

2.       Increased calm and serenity: Just as a visit to the beach is relaxing for the mind and body, so is a visit to your very own oasis. Often just looking out the window at a pool can have calming effects on your mood. Watching water stream down a river rock waterfall or seeing the wind gently rippling across the surface, just watching the water can be its own meditative experience.

3.       Easy resale: In some neighborhoods, (more commonly southern and sub tropic or tropic climates) having a pool is often expected. If most home buyers in your area are looking for and expecting a pool, your house may be harder to sell or buyers will try to negotiate a lower price for what they consider lacking.

4.       Health benefits: You do plan to enjoy that pool, right? Swimming has long been noted as a fantastic full-body exercise, one that is particularly easy on joints and low impact therapy for rehabilitation and muscle recoveries. Swimming is an easy fitness activity for all ages and abilities to enjoy–from triathletes to teens, your pool can be an epicenter to improve your family’s health.

5.       Family time: Being the pool house means being the fun house. From kid’s birthday parties to family reunions, having a fantastic pool means being the gathering place for your loved ones. Bring fun water toys and games for the kids or install a volleyball net for the grown-ups and your house is the new party center for kids, teens, and adults alike. Of course this goes both ways–you may never get them to leave!

6.       Enjoy the outdoors: Having a pool (or spa) increases your outdoor time in months that are otherwise too hot to stay outside for long. Want the kids to play outside more? Teach your kids to swim and play games and watch them enjoy fitness and nature every summer afternoon. Plus, after a day in the pool, even energetic kids will fall asleep easier at bedtime!

7.       Make those stay-cations great: Is it tough for you to get away from the office? Do the kid’s vacations not match up with yours? With your own pool, every weekend is a vacation. Have the college kids come to your house on spring break. Invite your parents, sister, grandkids, or neighbors over for a private pool party. Who needs the hassle of travel when you’ve got your own oasis?

8.       Relaxation: Few things are more relaxing than floating in calm waters. Whether you like inflatable inner tubes or free form body floating, the stresses of the world always seem quieter when you are allowed a moment to let your troubles literally float away. Few things are more calming than enjoying a slice of heaven by relaxing in your own custom pool.

If you have questions about our pools in Atlanta we’d love to answer them. Contact us anytime for more information via our website or phone number. We’re happy to help!

We have had the privilege of being awarded more than 60 Design Awards in every award category, including custom residential concrete pools, commercial concrete pools, in-ground vinyl liner pools, and major renovations. Hilltop was named one of the “Top 50 Pool Builders in the USA” by Pool and Spa News in 2013-2017. Pool builders across the United States were evaluated in several areas, including the total number of pools built, customer service, certifications, industry involvement, employee retention, as well as advertising and social media presence. Our company was also nationally recognized for customer service and social media. We were the only Georgia company on the list in 2016 and 2017!

We would consider it a privilege to design and construct your project and have you as a member of our “Hilltop Family.”