Choosing a Swimming Pool that Is Right for You

Swimming pools are excellent features that not only suit properties but improve them with exceptional beauty and opportunities for unmatched levels of entertainment. However, just as a kitchen or a master bedroom should belong in a home–matching it in every way and fitting neatly into the overall design scheme of the house–a swimming pool should seem to belong on your property. Possibly the most unattractive feature of a plastic above-ground pool is the fact that it never appears to belong on the property.

1. Usable Space

How big is your property? How much space can you work with without eliminating all grass, trees, a porch, or other appealing features of yard? A swimming pool should not take up an entire yard; it should fit attractively in it. Look at your back yard right now; envision a large pool of water in it. Where would it be positioned? How big could it be without becoming the sole feature of your yard?

2. Intended Use

Are you an expert swimmer or expert-in-training? Do you want to host swimming lessons for your children or even some friends? Is your pool simply a contemporary design feature or something that you light up as a centerpiece of a great party? Do you imagine wading around in the water without doing any serious swimming? All of these are wonderful reasons to want a pool. However, keep in mind that rectangular lap pools are ideal for serious swimmers, whereas softly curved pools are meant to blend in like a natural pond. Meanwhile, pools in geometric shapes are great for entertaining.

3. Blending In

Consider the architectural features of your home. How would you describe your house? Is it midcentury modern, Tuscan, Cape Cod, green and contemporary, craftsman, or something else entirely? Refer to architectural reading material to find a house that resembles your own and the terms used to describe it. When you work with a swimming pool contractor, you can use the style terms for your home to design a pool that matches it perfectly.

4. Standing Out

Of course, simply blending in will not do. Your pool should have unique and attractive features that make it stand out. You do not want your home swimming pool to look like a bland municipal pool. Features like smart materials, lighting, a spa, great landscaping, pergolas, and outdoor furniture take a swimming pool from ordinary to unique and memorable.

5. Getting the Best You Can

While swimming pools are a great investment, they can be somewhat pricey, especially if you are investing in the pool of your dreams. However, you should know that pools increase property values, improve your overall living experience at home, and can be financed through attractive and reasonable offers. Contact an expert today to find out how you can realistically make the pool of your dreams a reality.

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