Common Swimming Pool Design Mistakes to Avoid

Second only to your home itself, your swimming pool is likely to be your biggest investment. So, you should make the best possible choices when it comes to your pool design in Atlanta. Not all homeowners are quite so careful when having a pool built, which is unfortunate since many design issues that people run into could be avoided. Here are a few of those common mistakes to be aware of when designing your pool.

Not Working with Experienced Professionals

When having a pool installed on your property, the most important thing you need to remember is to hire a qualified pool contractor. This means calling several companies, getting a number of bids, and selecting the right one after significant research.

Failing to Call the Right Kinds of Contractors

Calling a swimming pool contractor is a great place to start. However, you’ll need a lot more than just a swimming pool. What about outdoor lighting, a fence, a surrounding patio? You should also take some time to find landscaping contractors, a fencing company, and possibly others depending on what your plan for the space is.

Forgetting about the Purpose of the Space

When you sit down with a pool designer to discuss your vision of the space, one of the first questions they’re likely to ask is what you plan to do in the space. Is the space just for your family or do you plan to entertain in the pool frequently? Believe it or not, this makes a huge difference. If you plan on having the pool available just for your family, then you might not need as much space as you would if you were frequently entertaining guests.

Neglecting to Think about the Future

You might not be able to do everything with your space that you want to right away. For instance, you might think about adding lighting at some point but you don’t need it right away. It will likely be less expensive if you lay the groundwork for these things right up front so that it is more affordable down the road.

Deciding Against a Water Feature

You might not be thinking about adding a water feature to your pool space. However, it doesn’t have to cost too much, and it can make the pool look amazing and feel much more peaceful and relaxing. Building a swimming pool can instantly increase your property value, as well as make you the talk of the neighborhood. Be sure you make the most of your investment right off the bat by avoiding these common mistakes that people make when executing their swimming pool design in Atlanta.

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