Creative Pools to Turn Your Backyard into a Relaxing Retreat

When building a pool, make sure that your pool lives up to expectations. You’ll want to lay by the side of your pool, relaxing in the sun while your children bring you frosty drinks. And though this may never happen (especially the drinks part), you can have that perfect and relaxing backyard and pool.

Here are a few tips for turning your backyard into a relaxing and beautiful retreat.

Clean and Contemporary

Your pool design is where creating a backyard oasis begins. Pick a beautiful theme, whether that be around a simple and rectangular pool, or a theme with inspiration sparked from your bamboo fence. Whatever it is, be sure to create a pool that speaks to that. Add in beautiful white tiles to the bottom of your pool, and maybe add a seating area adjoined to one of the sides of the pool. Be sure to create a beautiful deck so you can sit and admire your beautiful backyard.

Backyard Fit

Another option is a unique pool design, and perhaps something that suits the odd shape of your backyard. You’ll want to consult with a pool builder in Cumming to see what they can do to enhance your backyard based on its shape. Perhaps they can add a unique waterfall or slide to that awkward corner, or some unique rock faces behind your pool to hide the neighbor’s trampoline net. Be sure to find a pool builder that can work with you to create something that is just yours—and fits your space!


Another beautiful option for pools is one that’s full of curves. Most people are familiar with circular pools, but there are lots of options other than a simple circular pool. From a semi-circular design, to pools with twists and turns, these pools will offer a different ambiance than the modern and contemporary rectangular pools. With beautiful stone and other circular accents, your pool can look exotic and beautiful!

Plunge or Spa

Another creative way to turn your backyard into a relaxing retreat is to add a plunge pool—something new and exciting for spas and backyards alike. The key difference between the plunge pool and the spa or hot tub is that a plunge pool is meant to be small, shallow, and cool, good for relaxing and lounging. Most plunge pools have a spa next to them, used for cold plunge therapy. If you are looking for a really relaxing retreat in your backyard, look for a plunge pool and spa for something a little special.

Unique choices

Do you have a backyard that looks over a valley? Are you looking for an all-natural swimming pool? Do you want a beach-like oasis? There are so many options for beautiful pools, including an infinity-edge pool that fades into the skyline, wherever you are, something a little more natural that works with the forest you live in, or a beach pool, with a sloped entrance where you can slowly walk into water. Be sure to ask about any of these options for something unique, beautiful, and similar to anything you’d find at a high end spa or hotel.

If you are wondering what pool or spa will work best for you and your family, be sure to contact pool builders in Cumming, GA, like Hilltop Pools and Spas. We can help you design and build the pool of your dreams—no matter what that is!

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