Customize Your House with a Beautiful Pool

If you want take your house from cozy and cute to beautifully customized, consider the amazing benefits of an indoor pool. Indoor swimming pools are surprising features that almost seem too good to be true. Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a millionaire to have an indoor pool. Simply contact swimming pool builders in Atlanta to design and build your private indoor swimming pool for a spa atmosphere right at home. Here are some details about how it works and some amazing design concepts to consider, from minimal and simplistic to the ornate and glamorous.

About Indoor Pools

An indoor pool isn’t always what you see in movies: a watering hole in the middle of a gorgeous living room. In fact, simply enclosing your pool in a greenhouse makes it an indoor pool, which means it can be completely private and temperature controlled without the huge price tag. And you can forget about getting grass or leaves in the pool water.

Design Ideas

These are some beautiful design concepts to try in your home. A custom pool builder can create any of the following just for you:

  • Create a natural pool with natural stone, indoor plants, and a rock wall waterfall. This will create the illusion of a natural escape just steps away from your living room.
  • Create understated beauty with a simple, rectangular vinyl pool with inviting blue lining. Light the pool and keep the walls and floor stony white for a mind-cleansing vibe that is perfect for ending the day.
  • It takes an expert pool builder to pull off an unusual pool shape, but when it works, it looks creative and stunning. Enclose a pool in a greenhouse for natural views, and create a pool with twists and turns for a fun indoor swim. Dot relaxing lawn furniture along the winding deck to enjoy the views.
  • Give your pool the vibe of an exotic cabana with Spanish-inspired architecture, ornate pool lining materials, and clay color scheme decking. Install an indoor bar just steps from poolside for the most entertaining room on the block.
  • For the optimal winter-friendly pool, enclose a room with concrete walls and build a cozy swimming pool with colorful indoor lighting and advanced heating technology. Elevate the concrete’s modern aesthetic with metallic coloring and minimal poolside furniture.

If you are ready to make your dream pool a reality and elevate your home’s design, find swimming pool builders in Atlanta to discuss some of the above design concepts, or a special design of your very own. And keep in mind that plenty of the creative concepts above also work for classic outdoor pools.

We have had the privilege of being awarded more than 60 Design Awards in every award category, including custom residential concrete pools, commercial concrete pools, in-ground vinyl liner pools, and major renovations. Hilltop was named one of the “Top 50 Pool Builders in the USA” by Pool and Spa News in 2013-2017. Pool builders across the United States were evaluated in several areas, including the total number of pools built, customer service, certifications, industry involvement, employee retention, as well as advertising and social media presence. Our company was also nationally recognized for customer service and social media. We were the only Georgia company on the list in 2016 and 2017!

We would consider it a privilege to design and construct your project and have you as a member of our “Hilltop Family.”