Design a Swimming Pool with Waterfalls for the New Year!

The late fall and winter may seem like a strange time to purchase and install a new swimming pool at home, but the truth is that this is actually the best time to make this important investment in the fun, exercise, and entertainment potential of your property. When you order swimming pool construction in Canton, GA, during the winter, the swimming pool will be ready for use in the new year. That means that the first warm day of 2017 will come with a brand new opportunity: the chance to swim right at home.

But what type of pool should you customize? There are endless opportunities for pools—how should you design yours? We recommend that you consider one of the most stylish and beautiful swimming pool designs a home could have: a natural-looking pool with built-in waterfalls. Here are the details on this amazing, state-of-the-art pool design style.

The Goal

Swimming pools tend to have a “type.” People frequently want their pools to look like sports-ready, Olympic-style lap pools with lanes, for example. Other homeowners like statement pools that carry on architectural features of the main house, such as Romanesque trim and limestone. Then there is the natural-looking pool, which aims to be a unique centerpiece of a lush and healthy backyard.

The Details

Natural-looking pools borrow design features from natural water formations like hot springs and ponds. So they tend to have irregular shapes—rectangular formations do not appear in nature—decorative rocks, natural stone decks, light blue pool lining for crystal-clear water, and plenty of gorgeous landscaping. Waterfalls, though, are the centerpiece of these pools. Contractors who build custom pools can install self-operating waterfalls that add a rainforest-like atmosphere to your swimming experience. They also cycle water from the pool itself, which helps keep the water clean.

Inspiration Ideas

Consider some of these ideas to customize your natural-looking swimming pool:

  • Use flagstone as a pool deck. It looks like a natural rock surface you would see out in the wild.
  • Add to the oasis-like atmosphere with luxurious deck chairs, deck umbrellas, outdoor dining tables, canvas tents, and other furniture.
  • Add floral color to your pool by surrounding your waterfall with birds of paradise and hibiscus.
  • Shade is key to making your pool look like a private retreat. Take advantage of mature trees or install fast-growing ones around the deck–or even in the middle of it!
  • The waterfall will be the true statement piece of the pool. Install it right in the middle so that your guests’ eyes go straight to it, even when they are indoors looking out.

If you want more inspiration for your very own waterfall swimming pool or if you want to discover how to work this cool feature in other swimming pool designs in Canton, GA, we recommend that you speak to swimming pool contractors near you. They can help you craft your very own design—one that suits your budget, fits comfortably into your backyard, and makes you happy when the first warm days of 2017 arrive.

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