Everything to Know About Building a Lap Pool

Lap pools are swimming pools that are used mainly for fitness purposes. While there are some variations in what they can look like, these are usually long and narrow pools that span the backyard, fit well into a commercial space or community areas. Installing a lap pool can be a smart way to combine health and fun. Before you start building, however, make sure you consider a few things about lap pools.

Know the Pros and Cons

Lap pools are a great idea and can be very useful if you want a pool that entertains and functions as a gym. However, make sure you thoroughly understand the pros and cons before you make your decision. Lap pools are beneficial because they work well with narrow backyards, useful for serious swimmers, and can be customized with hear or resistance current add-ons. But, they are also less versatile since they are usually uniform in depth and don’t have spaces for relaxing, require gates depending on where you live, and could be limited in size based on your space.


Lap pools are a little different from other pools in that they require a specific length to be productive. You’ll want to make sure you have dimensions in mind so that you’re completely aware of the space it will take up in your area. These are traditionally rectangular in shape and can be made relatively narrow if needed. Common lap pools are 5 to 10 feet wide and extend anywhere between 40 to 75 feet in length. The depth is usually consistent throughout and gets up to 4 feet deep.

Follow the Rules

Inground pools require approval before being built. They are subject to building and zoning rules as well as meet certain codes to be operable. Make sure you have your permits before you start. Your pool contractor will have the best knowledge when it comes to what you need so don’t be afraid to ask them for help with this process. There will be different requirements regarding barriers, property lines, and other details that you’ll have to check before starting.


While lap pools usually come with one look, this doesn’t mean it has to take away from your ability to design something that will fit your home and your family. You can play around with the look and create a free form lap pool if needed or customize the rectangular with an add-on that serves as a space for relaxing or play. Diving into landscape design is another way to make your lap pool stand out. You could add fountains, lights, plants, or walls to make your lap pool a space that looks great while being functional.

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