Factors That Affect Pool Installation Prices

When it comes to crunching the numbers on your pool installation, there are several factors that’ll affect the final price tag. Pool companies in Alpharetta must consider factors like location, building codes, and soil into account. Check out this buyer’s guide from Hilltop Pools before you start planning your building project.

Above Ground or In-ground

This factor has the biggest impact on the bottom line of your pool installation cost. For many homeowners, the automatic choice is in-ground, however, not everyone has the option. On average, above ground pools are less expensive, but some major cities don’t allow them. For in-ground pools, you should factor in the cost for digging and construction equipment as well as trained labor to work them.


The location of your property and location of the pool on your property are overlooked factors when it comes to the final cost of your installation. Your property location will determine the building permits your contractor will have to draw up as well as long-term energy and utility costs. Where you decide to put your pool will determine the equipment needed to build it. Most homeowners put their pool behind their house. If you live on a narrow parcel or a parcel with a lot of trees, that will drive up the cost of installation. Trees and other structures like sheds and car covers will probably have to be moved for the equipment to get to your site. Keep this in mind during the planning stages.


Soil conditions must be perfect before installing a pool. Poor or loose soil won’t be able to withstand the weight of your pool, causing it to crack or cave in. Soil must be fortified to handle the additional weight of a pool full of water. A soil test can determine the quality of the soil on your prospective site and will save time and money in the long-run.


As construction technology and techniques advances, new materials are incorporated into the building process. Fiberglass is a popular choice because it’s very affordable, however, some homeowners prefer concrete because it’s low-maintenance and virtually indestructible. The materials used to create your pool deck can also drive up installation costs. Wood and stone are beautiful additions but they require more maintenance compared to concrete or vinyl.

Special Features

Special features like waterfalls, slides, jets, and underwater seating will also affect the cost of your installation. However, these special features will also add value to your home because they’re considered luxury pool accessories.


When you’re hunting for the best pool prices in Alpharetta, remember that you get what you pay for. Just because you’re getting a great deal, doesn’t mean you’re getting the best quality. Get an estimate in writing and find the best pool design that will fit your budget and last a lifetime.

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