Famous Swimming Pool Designs You Would Love to Use

Swimming pools have evolved not only in their design, but their purpose. The first swimming pool was constructed 5000 years ago in Pakistan, and is believed to be the earliest version of a public pool in the world. It incorporated architectural concepts still in use today.

The Buckhead area of Georgia is known for its business district, tree-lined neighborhoods, and variety of housing styles, from trendy bungalows and newly constructed Craftsman-styled abodes, to charming Tudors and elegant Victorian homes. A swimming pool is an excellent home or commercial property improvement option that not only enhances the appearance of the property, but provides additional recreational and entertainment space.

Although you may not have a great deal of available space, or you don’t want to spend millions of dollars on your water-filled paradise, there are elements used in famous pools that you can use in your home’s pool design. Check out these amazing pool designs, considered to be among the top creative and innovative swimming pools in the world.

Greek Paradise

The Kensho Mykonos is a new hotel, located in Mykonos, Greece. The hotel’s pool overlooks Ornos Bay, and at night, the lights in the pool resemble stars from the night sky reflecting on the water. The relaxing pool area is constructed of natural wood and whitewashed stone, harvested from the surrounding area.

You can create the same type of outdoor environment in your own backyard paradise by installing one of the many designs available for gunite pools or inground vinyl-lined pools in Buckhead. Incorporating natural elements and adding creative lighting effects connects your pool with the natural landscape, enhancing both your yard and the pool area.

Wright’s Fallingwater

Why build around a natural element, when you can incorporate it into the architecture? That is the inspiration behind the famous Fallingwater home built by Frank Lloyd Wright between 1936 and 1939 in southwest Pennsylvania. The famous plunge pool located below the pottery terrace was not Wright’s idea but was one suggested by the homeowners, Edgar and Liliane Kaufmann. The pool uses natural elements connecting it to its peaceful outdoor environment. The home was built over a waterfall allowing you to hear the sounds of it throughout the home.

Today’s swimming pool architects and designers are experts in creating swimming pools, spas, and outdoor recreation areas that fit the landscape of your property, whether it is for residential or commercial pools in Buckhead.

Exotic Infinity Pool

The Alila Ubud Hotel in Bali features an amazing infinity pool, also known as a negative edge pool, that overlooks the lush green valley surrounding it. When you stand at one end of the infinity pool, the edge blends with the horizon, accentuating the surrounding view. The good news is, you don’t have to be in an exotic location or an expensive hotel to enjoy one. The first infinity pool was actually built in Alabama, so they are a great fit for Georgia homes as well.

Consider the option of a negative edge vinyl pool on your Buckhead property. Vinyl pools are modular in their construction, and can be created to fit a variety of shapes and sizes, yet they are durable and easy to care for.

For more information about your options for pool design in Buckhead, call and speak with one of our expert designers.

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