Fun Features to Add to Your New Pool

A good place to swim and cool off during the summer is a must in Georgia. The hotter months can get so sweaty and sticky that taking a cool dip in a pool is a welcome relief and a great way to have fun. When planning your swimming pool design with us, there are many options that you can add in to make your swimming pool even more fun!

Diving Board

Diving into the deep end can be a little intimidating in some respects, but not when it comes to summer fun in the pool. If your pool is deep enough, a diving board can add some excitement to your pool design. Kids and adults alike get a real thrill from going off a ledge and into the water.


Sliding into your pool makes it feel like you are at a water park. Slides can be straight, curved, tubular, or even be made to look like they come straight out of the landscaping around the pool! Some people even plan for their pool slides to go from the second story of their house in a twist down into the water. We can get very creative with the design. Slides are definitely a fun feature to add to your new pool.


Have you always dreamed of kicking your feet up on a tropical island? You can give your backyard pool the feel of a Hawaiian paradise. A beautiful waterfall can be incorporated into your pool design. Not only do waterfalls make a statement and add a bit of fun to your pool, they help circulate the water. The sound from the waterfall can also serve as a peaceful and calming feature in your backyard.

Basketball Hoop

Are your buddies coming over for a game of pick-up basketball in your backyard? Throw them in the pool! We can plan for basketball standards at the edge of your pool so you and your friends can play even on the hottest day of the year. Imagine splashing around and being able to jump even higher than normal because of the buoyancy of the water. Adding a hoop is sure to be a slam dunk decision for your pool.


Night swimming is a lot of fun when there are lights in the pool. We have a few options that allow for different color lights and various lighting patterns in your pool. The lights don’t just have to be for swimming in the dark, pool lighting gives a great ambience to evening backyard parties and gatherings. Think of the intimate mood you can set with the soft glow coming from your pool.

Climbing Wall

Anyone who has tried indoor rock climbing and enjoyed it will absolutely love having a climbing wall on the edge of the pool. You can climb up just like a regular rock wall, but when you are done, simply let go and drop back into the pool!

There are so many directions you can go with your swimming pool. We can help you figure out what you want and how to make it happen in your backyard. Pools are meant for recreation, so let’s make yours a fun place to be.

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