Great Ideas for the Greatest Pool Party!

Soon the snow and ice will melt and summer will arrive with shorts, sandals, and beach balls. Your pool has been covered and neglected during the winter, but when it comes time for those summer cookouts and bonfires, your pool has to be prepared. There are plenty of great ideas for throwing the perfect pool party your guests will remember the next summer. From putting up decorations to bigger constructions that would require swimming pool contractors, you can make your backyard oasis the happy talk of the neighborhood this summer. Below are a few ideas. You can also check out our Pinterest page for even more ideas.

Island Escape

Have you always wanted to visit a tropical island to see remarkable sea caves and beautiful waterfalls? You won’t need a passport or travel beyond your backyard if you install a grotto with your pool. A grotto brings life and dimension to the ordinary pool, whether it’s a simple rock face formation or more elaborate like a cave to a secluded part of the pool. There’s an infinite selection of rock types to use for the design, such as sandstone, granite, marble, and mudstone. Adding a waterfall–or two–will enhance the look of the grotto and add to the island flair. Don’t want your guests to track wet footprints through your house to get food and drinks? A poolside bar eliminates that problem, allowing your guests to enjoy refreshments without having to leave the pool. Then it’s all about putting up Tiki torches and a limbo bar, and you’ll have the makings of an incredible tropical-themed party.

Fun for the Kids

The grown-ups get to have their fun, but what about the kids? They should have a piece of the excitement as well. A diving board is fun for cannonballs and dives, but having a water slide puts a miniature water park in your backyard. A slide that’s long with lots of curves through the grotto and past the waterfalls into the pool will sure to make a huge splash. For smaller children who aren’t old enough to enjoy the big kid games, you can have a “kiddie pool”, an area of your pool that’s three feet or less. An underwater stone ledge would be perfect for this. Your children can become familiar with the water and, by inserting small fountains in the ledge, enjoy their own games. And while the kids are playing, adults can relax in the Jacuzzi or also participate in the festivities. There’s no age when it comes to having fun.

Warm Winter Function

You don’t have to wait until the summer to enjoy your pool, whether it’s inside your house or out in the backyard. You can have a pool party for any time of the year. With the help of a pool heater or solar-powered tools, you can turn your icy pool to a warm and delightful spa. Invite guests to a relaxing dip, and enjoy hot chocolate poolside while watching the light snow fall. You can light up the fire pit for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs or gather around the warm flames and enjoy the company of friends and family members. But your hot tub shouldn’t be neglected from the celebration. Take the time to unwind under the hot jets and bubbling surface.

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