Health Benefits of Having a Saltwater Pool

If you’re looking for swimming pool contractors in Atlanta for a backyard custom pool, you know there are endless options to personalize your pool. You get to choose the material from options like vinyl and concrete, accessories like slides and waterfalls, and you can even choose the type of water that goes inside!

If you always thought backyard swimming pools are freshwater with chlorine and other chemicals, you have another option. Saltwater pools are trending for good reason. Here are 5 reasons salt water pools from pool companies in Atlanta are better for your health.

No Chemical Side Effects

While salt water pools still use some chlorine to keep the water as clean as possible, the amounts are much less than traditional chlorine pools. Some people are especially sensitive to chlorine, and who hasn’t experienced red, irritated eyes thanks to too much chlorine exposure? Salt water doesn’t irritate lungs or eyes, allowing you to swim for much longer without annoying side effects.

Gym Alternative

Thanks to fewer chemical side effects, exercise in a salt water pool is a great way to burn calories. Whether you like swimming laps or if water aerobics is more your style, being in a pool helps you concentrate on your breathing and offers resistance you don’t find on dry land. Since you’re resisting the water with each stroke, you’ll get a better workout than using an elliptical or treadmill.

Easier on the Joints

If you’re looking for a way to exercise that won’t take such a toll on your joints, swimming is an excellent choice. Swimming in a salt water pool is even better! The water includes bromide, which helps with everyday pain and soreness. Salt water is also great if you’re recovering from an injury.

Great for the Skin

If you’ve been in a lot of chlorine pools, you’ve probably noticed how dry and irritated your skin feels after getting out. On the contrary, salt water makes your skin softer and smoother. Salt water helps increase your body’s ability to retain moisture, while acting as a natural moisturizer and exfoliator.

Promotes Less Stress

You’re probably looking at pool companies in Atlanta because you want a place to kick back and relax in your own backyard. A custom pool contractor will help you design the exact pool you want for your budget. If you decide to go with a salt water pool, the salt helps promote relaxation even more.

No matter what you’re looking for, a custom pool builder will bring your vision to life for you to enjoy every day.

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