How to Budget for Swimming Pool Installation

In the past, swimming pools were often viewed as a luxury purchase, and out of reach for the average homeowner’s budget. But today, professionally designed and constructed swimming pools in Alpharetta are more attainable, so you too can have a place to cool off in warmer weather. With a proper budgeting plan, you can create an entire outdoor living space that will provide hours of enjoyment and relaxation, and increase your property’s appearance and value.

Step 1: Consider Your Budget Limits

Calculate what you can spend, and determine if you’ll need to secure financing. Reputable contractors who specialize in swimming pools in Alpharetta offer financing options for projects through specialty loan companies. These finance options usually offer between $2000 and $150,000, with varying payoff terms between 3 and 15 years. Contractors also offer payment schedules that work with the pool construction phases.

Remember that there’s a list of factors above the cost of the actual design to consider when adding a swimming pool. This includes the cost of preparing the site, which can vary depending on whether or not there is a lot of underground rock that must be removed. Additionally, Alpharetta has specific building codes for swimming pool construction, and completed pools must be enclosed behind a permanent fence with a gate. Lighting, pathways, outdoor electrical outlets, and decks are just some of the other options that can increase the cost of your pool design.

Step 2: Be Flexible

There are thousands of options that can be used to create beautiful, unique, and functional residential and commercial swimming pools in Alpharetta. Experienced pool contractors, once they understand the budget guidelines of your project, can suggest added amenities, and warn you about those that may cost more or could present a potential safety concern.

If you have your heart set on a specific feature, such as a custom grotto, a whirlpool, diving board, kiddie pool, or an outdoor kitchen, and it pushes the price tag of your project beyond your budget limits, your contractor will have other options that can be constructed at a lower cost. Be open to suggestions.

As with most construction projects, there will be decisions to make throughout the process when an unexpected issue occurs. Be ready, but don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Whether you are a homeowner who is planning a backyard retreat, or a business owner who is considering adding commercial custom pools in Alpharetta, let us help. Call us with your questions, or fill out our online form, and we’ll help you create a high-quality pool that will bring years of enjoyment and service.

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