How to Build a Pool That’s Good for Exercise

Some might think that swimming pools are only useful for lounging in the hot summer months. However, with the large variety of swimming pools available, both in terms of shape and use, there are more choices for their practical use.

Swimming is a great form of exercise, so a swimming pool could help you greatly on your fitness journey. On that note, what type of pool should you go for here?

A recreational pool? Not quite. This isn’t often long enough to support a full lap.

What about Olympic-size pools? Sounds perfect, right? Unfortunately, they’re not the most practical to install in your backyard. They’re over 164ft long, 82ft wide, and about 9ft deep. They also require about 500,000 gallons of water. Not so feasible for your backyard.

There’s another option…go for lap pools.

Lap Pool Facts

This is primarily built for health and fitness purposes. It’s perfect for the homeowner with a bit of space in their backyard who is interested in getting some workout done from the comfort and privacy of their backyard.

They are great because as the name implies, they are long enough to give you a full lap.

Building a Lap Pool

A few considerations to make –

How much space do you have? What’s the landscape like? What time of day do you plan to exercise?

The answers to these questions help you determine what type of lap pool to build, where to install it, and what type of heating unit to install respectively.

Size is particularly important. If this pool is intended for one person to do laps, it can be built to be only big enough for just that. This is especially useful if the backyard in question is much smaller than a standard lap pool requires.

Steps in Building a Lap Pool

  • Start by determining where you would like it to be located. An expert opinion is invaluable here, so you choose a suitable area.
  • Decide on a suitable size. Most lap pools are around 40 – 75ft long, 5 – 10ft wide, and about 4ft deep.
  • Get any necessary permits and licenses required by the state before building a pool.
  • Bring in the experts. Building a pool requires a lot of digging, excavation, and technical work. Let the experts handle this.

Pool Exercises

A lot has been said about building pools for exercising. Say you finally get the pool ready, what’s next? Simply swimming around and doing a few laps is a great exercise on its own. Due to the water resistance, you’re working your muscles quite a bit which could help tone and strengthen them. Plus, exercising in water reduces stress on your joints which provides great results outside the pool, too.

Beyond laps, there are pool edge side burpees, tombstone kicks, vertical breaststrokes, dips, and lots of other exercises that will help you progress in your fitness journey.

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