How to Choose the Right Material for Commercial Pools

The raging summer heat and humidity in Atlanta makes swimming pools a common feature of many homes in the area. Hilltop Pools and Spas has interacted with swimming pool contractors in Marietta, GA, and gathered information regarding the most ideal materials for your custom pool. Overall, three materials are the most popular: vinyl, fiberglass, and gunite. Each comes with pros and cons.


Perhaps the most common material for customized swimming pools is vinyl.  Vinyl is the least expensive item because a large number of these pools come pre-made from the store.  However, vinyl is still customizable and can be molded to fit specific landscapes, but with some limitations.

Although the price tag is often low, vinyl liners have to be replaced more frequently than liners of other materials.  Additionally, they have some issues with certain landscapes and terrains.  For example, particularly rocky soil can cause tears.  Debris, dog claws, and other foreign objects can also easily tear a vinyl liner.


Fiberglass liners, like vinyl, are pre-made.  Because of this, they are the fastest and simplest to install, but it also means that you have fewer options for customization. They remain a popular option because of their quick installation time, meaning you can have a fully-functioning pool fastest when choosing a fiberglass option.  Furthermore, fiberglass liners have a more appealing finish than vinyl, resulting in a more pleasing appearance.

On the other hand, fiberglass swimming pools sometimes have leaks.  They aren’t quite as durable as other materials, either, requiring semi-regular maintenance.


Overall, gunite is the most durable material for a pool liner.  They are also fully customizable, so you can create a unique design and appearance.  They can be molded to any size, depth, or shape, and it is easier to include features like waterfalls, bar stools, and tanning benches with a gunite pool than with other materials.  Gunite also allows for the design and appearance within the pool to be more unique and attractive.  Features such as pebbles and quartz can easily be incorporated into the pool’s appearance, giving a more upscale and classy feel.

Because gunite is such a durable material, maintenance is less frequent.  Tears are uncommon and the liner is less affected by the terrain surrounding it.

Whereas gunite pools are fully customizable, they are usually a more expensive choice.  Additionally, they take longer to install, especially if you have a custom design.

Swimming pool contractors in Marietta, GA, have worked frequently with these three swimming pool materials. Each option has its cons, yet they remain three of the best choices for your new backyard paradise.

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