How to Choose the Right Spot for Your New Pool

Deciding to build a swimming pool is an exciting step, and designing your very own pool is just as fun. However, there is an important consideration you must make before construction begins: deciding where to place your pool. Experts on swimming pool construction in Alpharetta want homeowners to know a few important things about how to find the right location on your property on which to build. Here are some tips for figuring out where your pool should go and how to orient it; you’ll find it’s not as obvious as you might think.

Open Space

First of all, you need to find a spot where there’s enough available square footage for a pool. Not just any stretch of grass or unused plot of dirt will do. You need to be sure to leave space for the deck around the pool and ensure that it doesn’t block traffic. For example, you wouldn’t want to drop an in-ground pool between a detached garage and the house. This will be very inconvenient.

However, a very small pool can fit in a small plot of ground. If you have space for a patio, then there should be room to construct a modest swimming pool. But you need to be sure that swimming pool contractors have room to access and work around the plot, which may include driving heavy construction vehicles onto the pool site.


Which direction should your pool face? Should it extend down the length of the yard or the width of your house? Great swimming pools are architectural accessories, and they can make your entire home and yard look more beautiful.

A good general tip is to try to align the pool with the house’s foundation and have the longer side of the pool run parallel to the length of your yard. This will make your home appear larger. Also, setting your pool a short distance away from the house will enlarge the appearance of your yard. Building in an area with access to full sun is also a good idea for the sake of appearance and comfort.

Building Considerations

Some areas of your yard might look great with a pool, but some limitations may make pool construction difficult. First, pools must be built on level ground. If you have a sloped yard, then you will need to invest in making the landscape flat. Other problematic properties can include windy areas, areas with buried utility lines, building code limitations, proximity to natural bodies of water, and flood-hazard zones. A pool contractor can help determine if there are limitations on your property.

Experts on swimming pool construction in Alpharetta can help you decide on the perfect spot to build your in-ground pool. They can assist with the design, custom features like waterfalls and diving boards, and even budgeting the project so that it never goes beyond your financial limits.

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