How to Clean Commercial Pools

Commercial pools see a lot of action so it’s important to keep a good maintenance schedule so that it stays sparkling clean and ready for use. If you’re having trouble figuring out what those entails, we can help you out. Continue reading to learn more about cleaning a commercial pool and how to set up a consistent routine.

Polish the Metal

All areas of the pool will require cleaning so starting with something smaller and easier can be a good way to ease into cleaning. Tackle the stainless-steel ladders and bars. These are high-touch surfaces that come in contact with hundreds to thousands of people a day. As a result grime can build up quickly.

Check Sensors

You probably utilize an auto-fill system to help you manage the pool. This is great for keeping things in check but will also require some regular inspecting. Check the sensors and make sure the overall system looks clean.

Inspect Equipment

Pool equipment is vital in keeping everything running smoothly. There’s a lot that can happen in just one day so do a walkthrough of your equipment and accessories to make sure everything still looks like it’s working well. Check for any broken parts, cracks, clogs, or even aesthetically unappealing damage.

Brush and Vacuum

Brush the tile and vacuum up any debris. Areas of the pool can collect dirt easily and become grime-y after soaking in water all day with sunscreen, lotions, makeup, and any other kinds of chemicals. Regular brushing will prevent algae growth and vacuuming will keep the filter clear.

Chemical Balance

The chemical balance of a pool is important to keep an eye on. Check your levels for pH, chlorine, alkalinity, etc. to make sure they’re within limits. Heavy use will require you to reset the chemical levels. It’s a good idea to test several times throughout the week.

Maintenance Schedule

The best way to tackle pool maintenance is to get a good schedule in place. Create a checklist of weekly and daily tasks that you need to complete and stick to it. Skimming the surface and clearing out debris should be something that is done on an every day basis while tasks like changing out the water can be done after heavy use or annually at the end of the season.

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