How to Enjoy Your Swimming Pool during the Winter

Closing down your backyard swimming pool is a common occurrence in winter. These days, however, you can leave your swimming pool open year-round. Your local pool companies in Atlanta know there are plenty of activities that you and your friends and family can partake in during the cold winter months. Here are five ways you can enjoy your swimming pool in winter.

The Polar Plunge

For generations, people have taken dips in cold water (via cold shower or icy lake or ocean), frequently called polar plunges, for various reasons. Quickly submerging yourself in cold water can be exhilarating and will help you cool off after a long, relaxing soak in a hot tub. Benefits include increased circulation, a boost in energy, and alleviation of pain from rheumatism, fibromyalgia, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Having a concrete pool in Atlanta allows you to participate in and reap the benefits of polar plunges in the fall and winter.

The Leaping Game

The leaping game is a fun, challenging activity you can do with friends and family during the winter months. You need some pool floats and accessories that are usually used to lay or sit on in the pool. Lay the floats in the pool from one side to the other. The goal is for you and other players to leap across each of these floats and get to the other side of the pool without falling into the pool water. Whoever achieves this feat is the winner! This game will provide hours of excitement and entertainment for everyone.

Recreate Summer

The Atlanta weather may cool down in winter, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating your own backyard summer setting. Make this happen by placing summer accessories (beach balls, pool noodles, floaties, etc.) in your custom pool in Atlanta. Decorate your patio with surfboards, hula girls, and tiki torches to create a summer tropical oasis. Then invite friends and family over for a summer-in-winter party. February is an ideal winter month to throw a party like this.

Throwing a summer party in winter is a great way to break up the dreariness of the season. Plus, people will get excited about spring and look forward to the warmer weather those months bring. Many people have Christmas in July, so why not throw a summer party in February.

The Slackline

Walking across a slackline is similar to walking across a tightrope, except you do this over water. When a professional slackline kit is installed properly by a custom pool builder in Atlanta, you will provide the safest way for friends and family members to participate in a fun pool game all year round.

Add some excitement to a dull winter day by stretching the slackline across your swimming pool lengthwise and challenge friends and family to test their balance. Find out who can and who can’t stay balanced and get to the other side of the pool. Those that do end up losing their balance will get to enjoy a quick, refreshing dip in the pool.

A Warm Swim

One of the easiest ways to enjoy your pool year-round is to have a heated and or indoor swimming pool. You can swim and play anytime you want to in an outdoor heated pool. You can also exercise in a heated pool, even in rainy or dreary weather. This will help you stay in shape all year round.

An indoor pool has the added benefit of keeping out the often icy cold, bleak winter weather. You can swim, play, and exercise in your pool without worrying about being caught in heavy rain or wind gusts. Plus, indoor pools are protected from bugs, falling leaves, and debris.

There are several reputable Atlanta pool builders that can build you a custom heated or indoor swimming pool for you.

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