How to Find the Right Commercial Custom Pools Builders

Having a swimming pool is one of the best ways to keep cool during hot Atlanta summers. But if you don’t properly protect it, that pool can become potentially dangerous to guests. The good news is that taking the steps to protect it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have a commercial swimming pool and want to make it as safe as possible, follow these 5 tips.

1. Build a Fence
Keeping the pool inside a gated area will keep you in control over who can enter the pool and at what times. Make sure to lock the gate at all times, and give a key only to those you authorize to be in the pool area. This will ensure children are always supervised and will keep unwelcome guests out, especially at night.

2. Install Alarms
In an event an intruder does enter the pool area, install an alarm that will alert you to the problem immediately. This will make all patrons feel safer since they know only invited guests will use the facility. Gate and actual water alarms are recommended just in case the other one fails. Water alarms will alert you if the water is disturbed when it shouldn’t be, and it will give you that extra peace of mind.

3. Post Rules
For guests using your pool, make sure they are aware of the rules they are expected to follow, and be sure to enforce them. These rules should include no swimming alone, supervise children at all times, no diving in shallow water, and no running.

4. Keep Water Clean
The water should be kept free of leaves, bugs, and any other debris. Skim the pool often, as this will not only keep it safer to swim in, but it will make it look much more welcoming to guests.

5. Check Chemical Levels
While the water may look clean, there could still be an issue with its safety. A commercial pool should be checked every hour for proper chlorine levels; pH levels, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness should be checked at least once a week.

For the best commercial swimming pool experience in Duluth and the Atlanta area this summer, follow these tips to keep your guests safe!

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