How to Get Good Swimming Pool Builders

An inground swimming pool can add value to your home and provide your family with hours of fun and relaxation. As wonderful as swimming pools can be to beat the heat and humidity of a Georgia summer, if you hire the wrong swimming pool builders in Marietta, you could end up with a lot of problems. Good design and trustworthy materials create beautiful pools. Here are some tips for hiring great swimming pool builders.

Always Ask for Recommendations

Is there a particular pool in your neighborhood with a design that you admire? Ask the pool owner who designed and installed their pool. Personal recommendations are always preferable because most pool owners are more than happy to help you with this big decision. Individuals who have already gone through the process can steer you away from a bad experience with a pool builder in Marietta and help you find a builder that will create a pool that will last.

If you’re not comfortable knocking on your neighbors’ doors for personal recommendations, consider visiting an internet forum for advice. Also, consumer websites like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List are great places for recommendations.

Get References

Once you’ve narrowed your search to a few custom pool builders in Marietta, you’ll want to check references. Reputable builders will offer up a list of past jobs and contact numbers or email addresses that you are welcome to contact. This is a step that many homeowners fail to follow through with completing. Often, homeowners believe that because the list was offered that no problems should exist. Don’t make this mistake.

When you do contact these references ask the same questions. The following are some sample questions you may want to ask:

·         What type of pool did you have installed?

·         What materials were used?

·         Was the timeline for completion reasonable?

·         Were there any added costs or other surprises?

·         Did the builders respect your property while onsite?

·         How was payment handled?

Don’t just ask if they would recommend the builder. The more specific you are with your questions, the better answers you’ll get.

Check the Pool Builder’s Credentials

Swimming pool construction in Marietta is big business. It is also a business that requires skill and adherence to strict industry standards. It’s important for the success of your project that it’s completed by professionals who are licensed, bonded, and insured. Pools are required to meet certain qualifications for safety. Builders with the proper credentials are more likely to care about the quality of workmanship and their customers’ satisfaction.

In addition to professional credentials, make sure you ask for background checks. Pool construction in Marietta requires many hands. You’ll have people coming and going on your property for several weeks. It’s important that you know who these people are and that you trust them. If a builder isn’t able to provide background checks or is unwilling to entertain your questions, take this as a red flag and choose someone else.

Speaking of Red Flags. . .

There are other signs that a swimming pool builder may be trying to scam or cheat you. Keep a look out for these red flags:

·         Extremely low estimates

·         Requiring all cash payment or a large upfront deposit

·         An out-of-state company pushing you to make a quick decision

·         Poor professional appearance

·         Pressuring you to finance through a particular pool financing company

If something doesn’t feel right, the chances are it isn’t. Homeowners who take the time to get recommendations, check references, and really listen to their guts will, ultimately, have a good experience when hiring a swimming pool builder in Marietta.

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