How to Keep a Hot Tub Clean

If you’re wondering how to clean a hot tub, you’re not alone. Hot tubs upgrade the home spa experience considerably, but these bulky contraptions are notorious for being challenging to keep clean. Knowing how to clean a hot tub is essential to the health and safety of those who enjoy its bubbly luxuriousness, and it also maintains the spa’s longevity.

A Guide to Hot Tub Maintenance

The experts at pool contractor Hilltop Pool have been installing and maintaining hot tubs for many years. Here are their tips for keeping your hot tub clean and working smoothly year-round in three easy steps:

· Balanced water chemistry

· Excellent water circulation

· A simple and regular cleaning schedule

Step 1: Chemistry

If you’re going to add chemicals to spa water, the pH levels need to be perfect. Precision in this area prevents the growth of bacteria and other harmful microbes.

• pH levels of 7.4 to 7.6 prevent hardware corrosion and skin and eye irritations.

• Alkalinity of 100 to 150 parts per million (ppm) manages cloudiness and scaling.

Essential hot tub maintenance chemicals you should have at home include:

· An alkalinity increaser that protects the water against drastic pH changes.

· A pH increaser and decreaser.

· Sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) to kill bacteria and other microbes.

· Shock (di-chlor or non-chlorine) to boost your sanitization.

· Test strips or a test kit to monitor chemicals.

Chemicals are effective, but you can use all-natural cleaning products as a hot tub cleaner. For example, salt sanitizes saltwater hot tubs, and baking soda increases alkalinity levels. Vinegar deodorizes, unclogs, and cleans unsightly residues.

It’s best to test your water chemistry weekly and shock the water regularly to keep your spa healthy. Clean water also reduces the risk of contracting potentially fatal diseases, such as Legionnaires’ disease.

Step 2: Water Circulation

Every time you use your hot tub, chemicals and gunk clog the system. It might be pollutants like body lotions, perfumes, oils, sweat, excretions, but all of it circulates in your spa water. Hot tub filters keep it clean and free of microbes and other harmful contaminants, so it’s important to maintain these features well.

Most hot tubs have automatic circulation cycles. If not, turn the power on 15 to 20 minutes daily to pass the water through the filter cartridges.

Step 3: A Cleaning Schedule

Hot tubs tend to accumulate biofilm, scum, and other debris. Turn off the power to the hot tub before cleaning and follow these daily, weekly, and monthly tips:


• Check the cover for damage, cleaning it with 10% bleach solution to prevent mildew.

• Soak and rinse the filter cartridges in a chemical cleaner when draining your hot tub (monthly or quarterly).

• Clean the filter with a chemical rinse.

• Hose into the filter jets and carry out a line flush monthly.

• Drain and clean your hot tub quarterly.


• Sponge down the shell and line jets, and scrub the waterline with a white vinegar solution (thrice-weekly).

• Check the alkalinity, pH, and sanitizer levels (thrice-weekly).

• Rinse, spray, and soak the filters using your garden hose weekly.

• Deep cleaning the filters weekly with a hot tub water cleaner prevents algae bloom.


• Check the water temperature for drastic changes.

Proper cleaning prevents potential water issues. Now that you know how to clean a hot tub, maintaining your spa will be simple and will keep the water level clear.

If you’d rather leave the hot tub maintenance to our professional crew, contact Hilltop Pools for a consultation. We are a professional pool contractor with advanced cleaning and testing equipment to keep your spa healthy and microbe-free. Contact us on our website or call us at 770-471-3889.

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