How to keep your pool healthy in the fall

The changes of the seasons can affect your pool in different ways. As it starts to cool down, your pool isn’t used as often, the sun doesn’t shine as much, and there are more leaves and debris getting into the water. Fortunately, with a little bit of effort, you can keep your pool healthy.

Check the Chemicals

Less sunlight makes for dreary days, but there is one positive side effect for pool owners: you’ll need fewer chemicals. Fewer hours of sunshine means that the chlorine doesn’t have to work quite as hard, so you can expect to use less. However, it’s still important to check the chemical levels once a week to keep them balanced.

Turn Down the Pump

Your pool pump doesn’t have to work as hard in the fall because temperature directly affects how hard it needs to work. Generally, you should run your pool pump 1 hour for every 10 degrees outside. On a mild fall day, it may only be 70 degrees outside, so your pump has to run for 7 hours instead of the customary 8 or 9 hours you had it running in the summer.

Remove the Dirt

As temperatures go down, your pool won’t see as much use. Everyone is back at school and at work, which means you’re probably only using your pool on the weekends whenever it’s warm outside. If you don’t have any cold-water loving swimmers in your family, then you can expect the lack of activity in the pool to lead to a higher buildup of debris. That’s because water movement helps filter the debris through your pump. Fortunately, you can keep your pool healthy by brushing and vacuuming it more regularly.

Catch the Leaves

Even if you don’t have any trees right next to your pool, the wind will ensure that plenty of leaves and debris end up in the water. It’s very important to use a net to remove the leaves from the water. You should also empty the skimmer baskets regularly. And instead of ignoring the things that have sunk to the bottom of the pool, you need to get out the pool cleaning equipment. Otherwise, you’ll end up with stains and additional wear and tear on your pool.

Nobody has ever said that owning swimming pools in Jonesboro is easy, but the extra maintenance in the fall ensures that your pool stays in good shape all year long. Besides, there are still plenty of warm days during fall in Georgia when you and your family get to enjoy the use of the pool.

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