In Ground Swimming Pools: Types and Designs

If you’ve decided to install a pool in your backyard, the next step is to determine what type of pool you want installed. There are several options. Here, we discuss some of the most popular types of pool construction in Atlanta and across the country.


Gunite pools rely on a rebar framework that serves as the base for a concrete and sand spray. It’s highly durable but can be molded into just about any shape pool, which is why it is one of the most popular pool options. The rebar frame eliminates the need for a wooden shell to hold the structure of the pool, as has to happen with concrete.

There are many different types of finishes pool owners can choose from with Gunite. Glass, pebbles, and plaster are just a few. Because of Gunite’s flexibility, pools and finishes can be customized to incorporate features like waterfalls and customized steps and swimming areas. Gunite can also be coordinated with decking and its finish is paint-friendly.

Another benefit to Gunite is that it is can be a cost-driven material. What that means is that the entire pool construction process can be made to fit a specific budget. Swimming pool builders can literally design your pool per your budget and have the final cost narrowed down almost to the penny, depending on what options you choose.


Fiberglass pools are molded and installed in the pool area in one piece. There are a lot of options you can add to your fiberglass pool. Swimming pool contractors can add a heating system, lighting, and customized features including steps. Fiberglass is strong, lightweight, and durable. The finish is a sprayed gel that dries smooth.

The most significant advantage to the fiberglass construction is the speed in which it can be installed. Easily, the most time-consuming aspect of the installation is excavating the pit to put the pool shell. The shell is resistant to algae formation it’s easier to maintain pH levels, and it will never need resurfacing or liner replacement. Budget-wise, the costs are more rigid than with Gunite.


Vinyl liner pools are very popular because they cannot crack like concrete, do not need repainting or re-plastering and all your pool surfaces will be smooth. The walls are steel-framed, but the flexibility of the vinyl makes design options very expansive in terms of sizes, shapes, and maintenance.

A vinyl pool is less expensive than a fiberglass pool or concrete pool. Your Atlanta pool builder can work with you to develop a design shape you will be thrilled with and if you tire of the liner color or pattern, it can be changed out and is only dependent on the size and shape you choose. There are a number of features you can add, including spas, waterfalls, water jets, lighting and heaters.

If you’re looking at pool construction in Atlanta, you have a lot of options and each brings something to the table. Your choices are literally driven by your imagination and budget.

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