Innovative Swimming Pool Ideas for 2019

In the old days, swimming pool designs were mostly based around a few choices, with kidney-shaped or rectangular pools being the design of choice. Of course, there was nothing wrong with those pools, because any hot day in a swimming pool is better than going without a pool. But in terms of creativity, those pools simply left a lot to be desired.

These days, that’s all changed. If you’ve got the space, the permits, and the budget, there are virtually no limits to the kinds of swimming pool designs in Atlanta that you can create. Here are just a few of the endless possibilities!

Indoor to Outdoor

If you’ve stayed in a high-end hotel, there’s a chance that you might have seen one of these types of pools. These pools give you the option of staying inside on a hot day or going out and enjoying the sun. In most cases, you’ll swim under a certain area to transition between the indoor section and outdoor section so that you don’t have your home constantly exposed to the elements. It’s an ideal fit for a place like Atlanta, which consistently has warm weather and will allow you to enjoy your pool for as long as you think it’s nice enough to swim!

Seating Areas

Go to a resort such as Cozumel, Mexico, and you’re likely to see bar seating in the pool area, allowing patrons to order whatever drink they want while sitting in the water and enjoying the weather and atmosphere. You might not be able to construct a full bar like what they have at those resorts, but you can easily have a pool that allows people to relax on seats and sit in the water at the same time. If you’re interested in using your pool for lounging and relaxing, this is a great idea.

Surrounding the Home

When you’re getting creative with the pool, one great thing to try is to create a look where structures are built into the pool, such as concrete blocks or trees. These kinds of pools aren’t a great idea if you’d like to swim laps regularly, but if you want to use your pool to relax, cool off and serve as a decorative addition to your house, it will do all of those things and more. You will likely have to do extra maintenance on your pool to keep leaves out of the water, but if you want a great looking pool, it’s well worth the extra work.

Glass Wall Pools

Maybe you don’t have the space to create something unique and different in terms of your pool’s shape. But you can still come up with something creative, and that’s where a glass wall can be a great idea. A glass wall can allow you to look out into other areas while swimming, and that’s a truly unique thing that most pools cannot match. If you’ve got a great view of the street or nature, there’s nothing like sitting in your pool and getting a perfect look at everything outside of it without anyone from outside getting a view of you!

At its core, a swimming pool is designed to be relaxing, refreshing, enjoyable and beautiful. By opting for a custom option among the many swimming pool designs in Atlanta, you can create something that’s truly unique and makes your home the place to be this summer! Check out what Hilltop Pools and Spas, Inc. has to offer for your new pool design.

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